The Database Developers of Excelisys Will Exceed
Your Database Development Expectations!

Quality database developers like Excelisys are few and far between, offering custom database development, relational database design, database consulting, and database support services for database applications for use on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms! No matter the size of your business, organization, or project, you’ve found an exceptional team of reliable database designers and problem solvers who can tackle the task. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and estimate on a custom–built database application, or tweaking your current database solution!

We are Platinum Proud!

Excelisys is one of the few to be chosen as a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner. The Excelisys team has worked extremely hard to earn this prestigious and valuable precious metal moniker of a "Platinum" member within the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA). Excelisys has been an FBA member for more than 12 years and we have been given this recognition because of our commitment to the FileMaker Pro platform, the FileMaker community, our abilities to produce well-designed FileMaker Pro based business solutions, and of course our undying commitment to our clients who have hired Excelisys as their FileMaker Pro Consultant, designer, trainer, and developer.
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02 October 2014
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14 August 2014
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22 July 2014
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03 July 2014
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26 June 2014
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12 June 2014
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Client Testimonials Excelisys Client Testimonials

Lone Mountain Cattle Company
All in all, a fine experience. Thank you!

Questions Galore, Inc.
Excelisys came up with solutions for our very specific needs, some I didn't even know I needed!

Young Life Trail West Lodge
Quick, down to business, and friendly!

Forester Benefits Management, LLC
It has been a very good experience and the end product works well.

Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc.
I wish I were as creative, fun and humorous as you; but I could not be more happy with Excelisys.

Eastern Division TCA
I'm coming after your jobs. With Andy teaching me his wiz-bang developing skills, you're in trouble!…

Middlebrooke Consulting

ASAP Aquatics, LLC
Excelisys rocked! If we could think it up they could make it happen.

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  • Ruby
  • Roby on Rails
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • MS SQL Server
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • Flash
  • Drupal
  • ColdFusion

When you hire a database developer for database development, you want someone who will go the extra mile—someone who will listen to your dreams and goals, anticipate your needs, read your mind, dream for you, stand up with you in your wedding (ok, maybe not that), tuck you in at night (sorry), and create a solution so tailored it’s almost creepy in its perfect functionality.

Let the database developers at Excelisys do your database development to create your so–good–it’s–freaky solution.

In our more than 11 years as a database developer offering custom database development, relational database design, database consulting, and database support services for database applications for use on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms, we’ve helped all kinds of clients streamline their processes, increase their efficiency and generally make life better for themselves.

Whether you’re a small business, a hospital, a university, a commune, a clinic, a call center, or a maverick running a company out of a linen closet, the database developers at Excelisys with their impeccable database development skills can create a solution that will help you do what you do better.

Our database developers have been solving problems and doing database development since computers were things that you built a separate room to accommodate (ok, not all of them, but seriously, a lot of them have been around for awhile… in a good way). It’s called experience, friend. The type of experience that breeds expertise. The type of experience that pats the novice developer on the head, gives him a bottle and sings him to sleep with one hand, while the other hand develops a database. Let’s put it this way: it’s the kind of experience you want informing the creation of a database that you will interact with every day.

Contact the database developers of Excelisys today for a free initial consultation and estimate on your business database development needs. We won’t bite. After all, you could one day be the hand that feeds us. Not literally, of course… that would be weird.