FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick: V3 FileMaker Pro Progress Bar

By Andy Persons   V3 FileMaker Pro Progress Bar – Gangsta with Gradients!   OK, one last riff on progress bars! The V2 FileMaker Pro Progress Bar demo file showed how to have the bar change color based on the percentage, such as changing the entire bar from green to yellow to red as the…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick – V2 FileMaker Pro Progress Bar

By Andy Persons   The Next Generation of the FileMaker Pro Progress Bar Using base64   After we posted the FileMaker Pro 13 Progress Bar demo file using a base64 image last December, one frequent request we received was for a way to have the bar change color based on its percentage. For example, changing from…Read More >

FileMaker DevCon 2014 Excelisys Vendor Session : Explore the BT4 and More!

Excelisys Vendor Session at FileMaker DevCon 2014 Tuesday July 29th from 9am-10:15AM in the Periwinkle Room Let’s Explore the BT4 and More!   With over 100K downloads, the Excelisys Business Tracker has become an essential tool for many successful businesses. You can check out the latest enhancements and learn some additional cool tips-n-tricks as we explore the next  rev of…Read More >

Excelisys seeks to Partner with a WordPress Designer-Developer-Programmer

Excelisys Inc., is an international organization of talented, self–motivated individuals who specialize in business & software consulting services, custom software design & development, and software integration and repair. We have provided a variety of individuals, companies, organizations, and industries worldwide with innovative and diverse custom database software application development services. A cut to the chase:…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick: Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro 13 Audit Trail

By: Doug West   FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-nTrick: Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro 13 Audit Trail   There are many ways to implement audit logs in FileMaker Pro 13, but I’m always on the lookout for the method with the least overhead. If you don’t need separate records in another table for every field change, then you can keep…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick: FileMaker Pro 13 Popover Close in One Script

Simple FileMaker Pro 13 Popover Close in One Script By: David Thorp Yes, this is a common nuisance.  Although it depends on what you want to use it for.  The intended use for popovers is what is commonly seen on iOS (and more and more websites are picking it up as time goes by) – for…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Trick: Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13

Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13 By Rob Poelking After a discouraging loss of work due to a virtual machine image crashing, I looked deeper into the FileMaker Server 13 user guide and discovered that FileMaker Server 13 is now supporting hosting files from a mounted network volume. You still cannot back…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Tricks: Moving Files Without a PlugIn

Moving Files Without a PlugIn with FileMaker® Pro! By Rob Poelking,   This FileMaker Pro tip and trick shows a simple method of moving files without a plugin natively within FileMaker Pro, and works on both Mac and the PC/Win platforms. The idea for this Tip-n-Trick originated when building an updater that required files to be in a predetermined…Read More >

Excelisys is recognized as a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member!

  Excelisys makes the grade! Newest FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member   On April 10, 2014 The phone line was strangely still.  The sudden intake of breath was the only indication that the normally staccato-speaking Christo and the rest of the Excelisys management team ~ Rick, Kurt, Greg and Doug ~ were still on the line. Then…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Tips and Tricks – Setting Portal Color, By Rob Poelking

Setting Portal Color using FileMaker® Pro By Rob Poelking Here is a little FileMaker Pro Tip and Trick… Have you tried setting the color or opacity of your portal object only to find that it doesn’t seem to take? That happened to me and it took looking at the CSS to realize that while my Portal…Read More >


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