FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick: Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro 13 Audit Trail

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-nTrick: Easy-Bake FileMaker Pro 13 Audit Trail By: Doug West There are many ways to implement audit logs in FileMaker Pro 13, but I’m always on the lookout for the method with the least overhead. If you don’t need separate records in another table for every field change, then you can keep track of…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick: FileMaker Pro 13 Popover Close in One Script

Simple FileMaker Pro 13 Popover Close in One Script By: David Thorp Yes, this is a common nuisance.  Although it depends on what you want to use it for.  The intended use for popovers is what is commonly seen on iOS (and more and more websites are picking it up as time goes by) – for…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Trick: Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13

Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13 By Rob Poelking After a discouraging loss of work due to a virtual machine image crashing, I looked deeper into the FileMaker Server 13 user guide and discovered that FileMaker Server 13 is now supporting hosting files from a mounted network volume. You still cannot back…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Tricks: Moving Files Without a PlugIn

Moving Files Without a PlugIn with FileMaker® Pro! By Rob Poelking,   This FileMaker Pro tip and trick shows a simple method of moving files without a plugin natively within FileMaker Pro, and works on both Mac and the PC/Win platforms. The idea for this Tip-n-Trick originated when building an updater that required files to be in a predetermined…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Tips and Tricks – Setting Portal Color, By Rob Poelking

Setting Portal Color using FileMaker® Pro By Rob Poelking Here is a little FileMaker Pro Tip and Trick… Have you tried setting the color or opacity of your portal object only to find that it doesn’t seem to take? That happened to me and it took looking at the CSS to realize that while my Portal…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick: A Custom Order Without The Wait

  Here is a nice little FileMaker Pro 13 Tip – Do you keep your custom functions in FileMaker Pro 13 sorted by a “Custom Order”? If so, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that new or duplicated functions appear at the bottom of the list. Moving the new item near the top of a long list…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick – Let’s free-base64 on a Status Progress Bar!

  Hey man, Free-base64 is cool with this FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick of Creating a Progress Status Bar   Or for those who are true nerdy geeks – All your base64 are belong to us, But We’ll Share this FileMaker Pro 13 Tip-n-Trick of Creating a Progress Status Bar   Andy Persons shares his first FileMaker…Read More >

FileMaker Go – Dynamic Script Triggers

Using Dynamic Script Triggers in FileMaker Go   What? It was a couple years ago that I was introduced to dynamic script triggering in a video by Matt Petrowski. The basic premise is that you maintain a table with the names of scripts and a label that is presented in a portal view on a…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Code 39 Barcode Generator: Without Fonts or Plug-Ins!

Using FileMaker Pro to generate Code 39 barcodes without the need for fonts or plug-ins.   By Doug West, Product/Project manager for Excelisys.   Yet another FREE FileMaker Pro Tips-n-Tricks demo file from Excelisys, showing you how to generate code 39 bar codes with no need for fonts or plug-ins!   This FileMaker Pro file demonstrates the use of…Read More >

FileMaker Pro Recursion PT 3 – A Wrinkle in Timeliness: The Final Reckoning

FileMaker Pro Recursion PT 3 - A Wrinkle in Timeliness: The Final Reckoning, By Andy Persons In my first post of this three part series, I posed a challenge: how do you update hundreds or thousands of tasks interconnected with tens of thousands of connections? In my second installment, we explored a possible solution: recursively looping…Read More >


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