Excelisys to Appear on Adatasol Podcast

A group from Excelisys consisting of Andrew Persons, Mike Duncan and Geoff Ryle participated in the recording of an Adatasol podcast last night. We had a great time, and enjoyed talking tech and FileMaker with co-hosts Dan Weiss and Theo Gantos. In the podcast, we discussed our latest free “tips-n-tricks” postings that take advantage of…Read More >

As-You-Type Search Filtering using Script Triggers

FileMaker 10 introduced native script triggers as a tool for developers to utilize in their solutions. This example demonstrates the usage of a search filter, which many FileMaker developers are familiar with in complex portal filtering solutions. Now, with the use of script triggers, it is simple enough to implement the same functionality but you are not restricted to displaying results in a portal, and therefore have much more flexibility in the interface.

Drag and Drop-Dead Elegant Interfaces

Everyone at Excelisys loves to hear that rhetorical question asked: “Woah! You can do THAT in FileMaker?” Oh yeah, you can. Well this is one of those moments, and we just posted a demo file and white paper about it up on our Excelisys web site. http://www.excelisys.com/tips-tricks-filemaker-downloads.php With the new script triggers introduced in the…Read More >


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