FileMaker Go – Dynamic Script Triggers

Using Dynamic Script Triggers in FileMaker Go   What? It was a couple years ago that I was introduced to dynamic script triggering in a video by Matt Petrowski. The basic premise is that you maintain a table with the names of scripts and a label that is presented in a portal view on a…Read More >

Creating User Specific Reports Using FileMaker Pro Privilege Sets

Creating User Specific Reports Using FileMaker Pro Privilege Sets If you’ve ever wanted to generate specific reports for different groups of users, but are intimidated by FileMaker’s, somewhat complicated security schema, this PDF shows you an alternative methodology that is very simple and easy to implement, using FileMaker Pro privilege sets. Recently a client, a large…Read More >

FileMaker Pro 12 Tips and Tricks, Using ZipTastic Web Service to retrieve City, State, Country.

From Excelisys by Doug West, Product/Project Manager, a Free FileMaker Pro 12 Tip and Trick demo to retrieve City, State, Country with just a Zip code using a web service called Ziptastic. Basic demonstration of accessing a web service called “Ziptastic” from within FileMaker Pro 12 to retrieve City, State, Country with a Zip using the…Read More >

eX-RealtyBiz – Incredible FileMaker Go App for Property Data Collection

Excelisys’ Lead Developer Rob Poelking has just authored “RealtyBiz”, a Mobile Property Data Collection demo as a FileMaker Go app that demonstrates what makes an effective FileMaker Go mobile application. The concept is that of a real estate agent’s assistant, collecting data (both text and pictures) for various properties. Careful attention was given to the interface, which…Read More >

New FileMaker 12 Delivers Breakthrough Design Features for Creating Stunning Databases for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac

New FileMaker 12 Delivers Breakthrough Design Features for Creating Stunning Databases for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac FileMaker Go 12 apps for iPad and iPhone are now free, making it easy to run iOS apps created by FileMaker Pro 12 SANTA CLARA, Calif. – April 4, 2012 – FileMaker, Inc. today released the FileMaker 12…Read More >

Open a Portal, Mr. Spock

Portals have been around, in FileMaker™, for as long as I can remember and they are an ubiquitous part of the program. (Just in case you don’t know what a portal is, an easy way of explaining is to imagine that you are outside of a house, looking in a window through a gap in…Read More >

FileMaker DevCon 2011

FileMaker DevCon 2011 – Go Farther!

FileMaker, Inc. Announces GO – For iPad and iPhone

Looks like we have another way to access FileMaker Pro solutions! EXcellent – nice job FileMaker! If you need any application tweaked or enhanced to take advantage of the new deployment strategy of GO from FileMaker, Inc. – Excelisys is the GO to team to help! Want more info on go: Want more info…Read More >

Good Example of Poor Scalability

A well-built FileMaker Pro database will have the ability to maintain its speed and usability over time while managing an ever-increasing number of records. When best practices are not applied, they can slow a database to a crawl under the most modest circumstances. This is the concept known as scaling. So today a client comes…Read More >

Excelisys is FileMaker 10 Certified

Excelisys is proud to announce that eX-Team member Jeff Drake has passed his FileMaker 10 Certification exam, which was just released this week. Jeff has been certified in every version of FileMaker (7/8/9/10), since the exam was first created. The certification is an indicator of Jeff’s broad knowledge and experience across the FileMaker 10 product…Read More >


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