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“Jump Start” Solutions that Slash Development Time!

Like Lady Gaga's outfits, 100% pre-packaged database solutions rarely fit. We've created the most efficient alternative on the market: Jump-Start Solutions.

A Jump-Start Solution from eXcelisys is not a "product" nor is it a shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf solution (although it can be used "as-is", but let's not get ahead of ourselves). It is a 50-75% completed solution (YMMV), with the bulk of the nitty gritty and hard junk foundational development work already completed.

You can complete the remaining 25-50% of the development work on your own (are you feeling lucky?), or you can bring us in to help you handcraft the solution to meet your specific needs and tastes (we'll dominate on your behalf).

If you choose to retain eXcelisys to complete the remaining work (seems like a great idea to us), you get the best of both worlds: a highly efficient, yet tailor-made solution that will make your company more profitable, your life easier and the sun shine brighter on your face. You also get a pretty good discount too!

Upon purchasing one of our many discounted introductory blocks of time, you have the option to receive a link to download an unlocked copy of the eX-File of your choice. Use the time how you like, for support or small modifications, or discussing how to take the Jump-Start solution to a new level!

Then upgrade to a larger block of time for more serious customization, or just start big from the start. And because we discount our rate based on the block size of time in a single purchase, the more you buy, the more you save! Now isn't that just grand!? We thought so!

Excelisys Business Tracker 4
Excelisys Business Tracker 3.12

The eX-BizTracker Family

The Excelisys eX-BizTracker family is a series of FileMaker Pro Database solution templates built off of a strong foundation of the original FileMaker Business Tracker developed by Excelisys for FileMaker, Inc. Excelisys has upgraded the FileMaker Pro small business jump-start solutions with dozens of new features and enhancements.

The eX-BizTracker series are easy to use 'jump-start' FileMaker Pro templates that are a good fit for small to medium size businesses and organizations who wish to track clients, invoices, inventory, shipping/receiving, payments and communications in a robust multi-user scalable FileMaker Pro database solution.

The eX-BizTracker has over 100K in downloads by users from our website. Nearly 95,000 users have downloaded the FileMaker Business Tracker, becoming one of the most popular free templates available for download from FileMaker, Inc. Developers and end-users found the GUI and feature-set very attractive, as it offered their clients and employers a "jump-start" advantage in building intuitive custom solutions.

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Excelisys Business Tracker 3.12

Mobile Modules

Excelisys enjoys the opportunity to give back to the FileMaker Pro developer community at large by making available these FileMaker Go demonstration files, FileMaker Go modules, and FileMaker Go templates. Some of these will be available as unlocked and free of charge, some will be locked and free to use, and others we will be locked, but if you buy one of our ExFile blocks of time we will give you an unlocked version for your use and technical perusal. In any case, ALL of these are provided "as is" for your personal use only; technical support is available only on a prepaid basis. Enjoy these and let us know what you think! We would love feedback and input on any of these!

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