The Excelisys Business Tracker
Versions 3.12 and 3.0

The eX-BizTracker V3 is a FileMaker Database solution redesigned in FileMaker Pro 11 and was built off of the strong foundation of the original FileMaker Business Tracker developed by Excelisys for FileMaker, Inc. Excelisys has upgraded the FileMaker small business jump-start solution with dozens of new features including: eye-popping charts and graphs; dynamic sub-summaries in list views; activity tracking; sending email directly out of FileMaker Pro; and an upgraded graphic user interface (GUI).

The eX-BizTracker V3 is an easy to use 'jump-start' FileMaker solution for small to medium size businesses and organizations who wish to track clients, invoices, inventory, payments and communications in a robust multi-user scalable FileMaker database solution with dozens of new features. The eX-BT is now available for either FileMaker 11 or FileMaker 12, pick your poison and enjoy!

NEW features added to the eX-BizTracker V3.0 include:

  • Eye-popping charts and graphs!
  • Dynamic sub-summaries in list views!
  • Track activities - phone calls, appointments, follow-up reminders and email!
  • Send emails including invoices directly out of the FileMaker Pro Solution!
  • Upgraded graphic interface!
  • New invoices features; quote tracking and drop-shipments!
  • Revamped navigation!
  • Script triggers used throughout to handle background tasks when manually changing layouts and to provide better UI controls!
  • Expanded user preferences!

Main Feature Set:

  • Solid multi-user foundation supports easy expansion
  • Dynamically built navigation interface based on user privileges
  • Home screen with quick view of invoices and products in need of re-ordering
  • Familiar BACK and FWD controls, just like a web application
  • Advanced multi-sorting of lists and portals
  • Dynamic re-sizing of layouts; objects stretch to fit
  • Track customers, products and invoices with basic inventory control
  • Unlimited locations, phone and email addresses per company/contact
  • Contact import takes a flat file and parses it for proper normalization
  • Automatic phone number formatting based on country
  • Integrated web viewer displays published product info without leaving the solution
  • Processed invoices are automatically locked down to prevent unauthorized editing
  • Tracks payments against invoices and automatically calculates profit
  • Extensive use of helpful Tooltips throughout
  • Powerful report engine with report preview
  • Demonstration data can easily be cleared out


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Excelisys Business Tracker 3.0

The Excelisys Business Tracker 3.12

Converting a FileMaker Pro solution written in the .fp7 format to the new fmp12 file format is an extremely painless task. To illustrate this, we did a straight conversion on our ever-popular Excelisys Business Tracker (eXBT). The result was an almost identical solution with only minor interface changes (some layout objects required slight adjustment of size and/or placement) and one minor adjustment to the navigation script. Otherwise, everything else behaved normally and without any additional modifications.

To jazz things up a bit, we took advantage of the new object states feature and you will now see that the buttons in the top Navigation Bar will highlight just by rolling over them with the mouse. This new feature takes very little time to implement, but goes a long way to provide users with powerful, additional visual feedback of their actions.