The Excelisys Business Tracker 4

Download eX-BizTracker4 Now!

Download eX-BizTracker4 Now!

The eX-BizTracker 4 is the next giant step forward in the jump-start solution's long history. Taking advantage of the latest innovations in FileMaker Pro 13, this new version of the eX-BizTracker is much leaner and easier to use and extend. Along with a slick new interface, the eX-BizTracker 4 is better than ever.

Based on two of the original Excelisys FileMaker Business Tracker versions; BizTracker Pro and eX-BizTracker v3.0 with well over 125K downloads, the eX-BizTracker has become one of the most popular FileMaker Pro templates! Developers and end-users found the GUI and feature-set very attractive, as it offered their clients and employers a "jump-start" advantage in building intuitive custom solutions.

The eX-BizTracker 4 makes it easy to manage a small or medium-sized business in a cost-effective solution that can be easily modified and extended. Instead of being locked in to a software "product" with proprietary code, the eX-BizTracker 4 is open and flexible so it can keep up with your needs over time.

Even those without much FileMaker knowledge can easily put the eX-BizTracker 4 to work for them. Intermediary developers will learn by example about best practices in design and development, and pick-up new techniques they can use in their own solutions. And seasoned developers will love it's clean and trim foundation that's a pleasure to work within, and closely follows the industry-accepted development and naming conventions established by

NEW & IMPROVED for FileMaker Pro 13!

The eX-BizTracker 4.13 maximizes the latest innovations in FileMaker Pro® 13, resulting in a more feature-rich tool and adding more value to an already incredible "Jump-Start" FileMaker Pro template.

The new features developed in the eX-BizTracker 4.13 take advantage of FileMaker's aggressive leap into the web and iOS/Mobile platform deployment strategies. Pop-overs and slide controls require much less development effort than workarounds in earlier versions, and allow a true single document interface that feels natural on iOS devices and in a browser. Our new task-specific companion modules leverage these enhancements to provide elegant and intuitive solutions for a variety of needs.

The eX-BizTracker 4.13 incorporates a host of elements to enhance usability features and functionality, including CRM to manage both companies and/or organizations and individuals, allowing for multiple addresses and contact methods for each, along with activity logs, reminders and email. The integrated document management and storage provides seamless functionality with customers, orders, invoices, POs or products, with optional encryption, improving ability to track products (goods, services and fees) along with inventory management. The updated features allow the eX-BizTracker 4.13 to integrate with common off-the-shelf products such as QuickBooks, and third-party software/services from companies such as FedEx, UPS and SalesForce.

The Meat and Potatoes:

Under The Hood (The Geek Stuff):

  • Development standards modeled after recommendations at
  • Primary keys using the Get(UUID) function for simplified synchronization with offline devices.
  • Redesigned user interface, fewer layout elements by using enhanced layout options in FileMaker 12.
  • Streamlined relationships graph by using ExecuteSQL command to access data without extra table occurrences.
  • Significantly fewer fields throughout, moving most standard routines to custom functions.
  • Making use of merge variables on layouts.
  • Fewer scripts through script parameters, allowing similar scripts to be reused throughout the solution.


  • Customers (companies or people), Vendors, Products, Orders, POs/Bills, Receiving, Reports, Preferences (settings and users)

Features of FileMaker 13 incorporated into BT4.13 include:

  • WebDirect compatibility
  • Custom theme and style sheets for consistent appearance, improved performance, and easy adjustment
  • Popovers instead of pop-up windows for smoother user experience
  • Use of object visibility settings for simplified layout editing
  • Disabled active row state on portals to prevent unwanted selection
  • Use of "FETCH FIRST" in ExecuteSQL statements to limit query results
  • Current record indicator removed in list view for more modern appearance

New Mobile Modules:

Mobile Modules are specific stand-alone solutions for FMgo that integrate perfectly with the eX-BizTracker 4 and further extend its capabilities. These are distributed solutions that are deployed on an iOS device and incorporate a sophisticated synchronization routine allowing the user to safely and reliably exchange data with a hosted eX-BizTracker 4 solution.

Currently, the series of Mobile Modules being developed consists of several FMgo companion pieces for the eX-BizTracker 4:
  • Local deliveries, shipping/receiving
  • Warehouse remote inventory - coming soon!
  • Tasks/Activities/To-Dos - coming soon!
  • Order Entry and Processing - coming soon!

NEW Screenshots

Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0 Biz Tracker 4.0