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How We Charge for Our Services

Hourly • Efficiently • Conservatively • Honestly

The bitterness of poor service and quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

– Ben Franklin

Hourly vs. Fixed Price

Because we don’t have the psychic ability to quantify the unquantifiable, we charge an HOURLY rate. With our hourly model, you pay only for the work that is done right and required. Period.

We also understand that an hourly billing model isn’t a free pass to rack up ridiculous hours. As consummate professionals, we will respect your bottom line and aim to stay within the guesstimated parameters for cost.

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Can’t You Just Tell Me the Final Cost?

We all like to be told that our project will ONLY cost “this much.” Sounds great, right? In a perfect world, you are comfy knowing you will only spend “X” amount of dollars and you are going to get everything you should for some sort of fixed price. In the world of fixed pricing, quotes, and bids, someone loses; and that someone is usually and unfortunately you, the client.

How Fixed Pricing Works Against You…

With a fixed price, you may actually pay more for less. To turn a profit, the price may be padded or low-balled on the front end with “extras” piling up later. Also, businesses offering fixed pricing are prone to recycling past solutions built for other customers. This allows them to develop your project quickly and cheaply. You get a one-dimensional solution to your complex business problem. Nothing custom there.

Do you want things done, or do you want things done right?

That’s why we don’t like fixed pricing. It stifles creativity and true problem-solving. The best solution for your needs might take more time than originally predicted. What if we discover a better solution midstream? With fixed pricing, you’re only getting it done, and not done right.

When a service provider operates within a fixed price – Corners are cut. Development is NOT optimal.

The idea of a “custom” solution is abandoned. You are disappointed.

How Hourly Pricing Works for You…

Transparency. With hourly pricing you have access to detailed reports on how we spend our time working with, and for you. You know eXactly what you’re paying for.

What are you paying for? Our dedicated time, eXperience, guidance, availability and undivided attention, not to mention the eXact amount of work that you signed up for.

Still not sold? We get it. Hourly pricing can be scary. But don’t worry. We understand budgets. We invest in getting to know you, your culture, your users and your unique needs and workflow processes. The more we know, the more efficiently we can work together to make your project come to fruition faster, avoid waste, and stay within your budget!

We have a 98% successful completion rate with our customers and their projects.

Hourly Billing Model – More Time You Buy, The More You Save!

Our billing model is a flexible retainer–based structure in which you purchase a “bank” of our time. We offer very generous discounts off of our “normal” hourly rate of $195/hr (see price table below) when you purchase quantities of 5 or more hours. The more time you pre–purchase, the more generous the hourly rate discount becomes.

Purchasing time in advance also assures your project maintains its high-priority standing in our production queue. Any remaining time you have pre–purchased that has not been used for your project is 100% refundable. We don’t take your dollars, we earn them.

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how we charge Check Writing
how we charge with credit cards

Unfortunately we no longer accept farm animals or used personal items in lieu of payment, we do of course take checks, or if you wish to charge your time-block purchases, we welcome Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

5 Hour Block

$185 per hour
    • $925 Retainer

10 Hour Block

$170 per hour
    • $1,700 Retainer

25 Hour Block

$160 per hour
    • $4,000 Retainer

50 Hour Block

$150 per hour
    • $7,500 Retainer

100 Hour Block

$135 per hour
    • $13,500 Retainer

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