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The Relationship – How Do We Work Together

Excelisys is a team of dedicated web and graphic designers, software and business consultants, and software developers who take pride in—and share an unbridled passion for—designing, creating, and delivering custom database applications and software solutions that are used on mobile, desktop, and the web. Excelisys has a solid reputation for breaking through with leading-edge GUI design, technical development, and business process workflow expertise. We take care of people, businesses, and organizations all over the globe, no matter the size and scope of your project or business. We are committed to realizing our customer’s business visions and expanding their data software solutions beyond even what they had imagined.

Start With a Free Consultation

The Initial Consultation Process…

Solution QuestionsDuring initial discussions, eXcelisys’  Sales Consultants will ask some big-picture questions about your project functionality needs and feature requirements, goals and objectives – and discuss estimated budgets and timelines based on similar project requirements of previous clients. Our Sales Consultants will LISTEN to your needs and enlighten you on how the eXcelisys development partnership process works for you, provide clarification to any questions you might have, and provide objective counsel toward arriving at the best solution for your software needs. When you are ready to proceed with our relationship, the SC will get you queued, prepped, and ready to work with our production team who will be led by your Project Manager (PM) whose number one priority is to help you throughout our development engagement.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Working Relationship!

Our Project Managers (PM) will be your trusted advisor and closest ally at eXcelisys and will have you and your project’s best interests in mind; especially when it comes to making difficult and timely decisions. They may not always tell you what you want to hear, but they will definitely tell you what you need to hear. Best of all, our Project Managers are also principals of eXcelisys, all of whom have a vested interest in ensuring that your project needs are met, you are happy, and your engagement with us is a successful one.

Your eXcelisys Project Manager will ensure that communication and ideas are flowing in both directions.

Here to Help

Our clients rave about our online web-based collaborative management system, as it is the main hangout for everyone on our team and yours to participate during your consultation and development relationship with eXcelisys. This system is where you will post your questions, give us feedback and files, view project-specific information, and share ideas.

Feel free to describe everything from very detailed needs to the big-dream solution when discussing your goals and objectives with your PM. This will allow us to give you a realistic estimate of hours and time frames. It might cost less and be finished quicker than you imagined! Clear, collaborative communication between you and your PM will result in one of the following, if needed: 1. Agile Design Assessment (Summary, quick and dirty) 2. Agile Design Specification (Summary with some details) 3. Full Agile development Project Proposal (Detailed scope). Any of these resulting project summaries basically represent the “blueprint” for how we will move forward together to build, fix, tweak, or design your software application needs which may include descriptions of workflow, business processes and methodologies, data-flow models and/or entity relational diagrams, details on the necessary development phases, form and layout interface suggestions, and a summary of the estimated hours necessary for development, deployment, testing, and debugging.

Build. Reveal. Revise. Repeat.

~ Agile Development in Action ~

excelisys-agile-transbkgrd[/responsive]As we mentioned earlier, we practice an agile development process that encourages client collaboration and allows response to change. This doesn’t mean we won’t follow the plan we establish from the beginning, but it does mean we can adjust accordingly if better ideas or options appear mid-stream. Unlike many home-makeover shows, we won’t reveal the finished product in one fell swoop. Instead, we’ll let you see what the foundation looks like, gather your feedback and proceed to the first floor. Then we’ll show you the first floor, ask some questions of our own and proceed to build the second floor, and so on, and so on, until the final shrub has been trimmed on your project’s immaculate metaphoric front lawn.

We look forward to walking you through each progressive build we deliver to you for your review. Keep in mind that we rely heavily on you to test your solution and to give us detailed feedback. You should be testing for work-flow ease, expected functionality, and details of where and how your information is populating the solution. When the “build-in-progress” is delivered we include a brief overview of the work we’ve accomplished, as well as questions and action items from our end, and set the eXpectation for the next build stage. This process of building, revealing, and revising is repeated until the project’s completion. The greatest thing about this relationship is that it is your baby and we are just knowledgeable facilitators of your project. You retain all rights and ownership of the code we assemble and you control how fast or slow the project comes to fruition (or not), and the direction it takes during the course of development. It’s important to note that in the early stages of development, we are more concerned with establishing a strong structure that will protect you from storms than we are in creating landscaping that will make your neighbor jealous.

In short, we value functionality over flash. Don’t get us wrong, we can dress up a great foundation with the best of them. However, we refuse to deck-out a shoddy house. Similarly, when serving as consultants, we advise with functionality and your processes first and foremost in mind.

How Wisely We Use Your Time…

lotsa-clocksGenerally speaking, during your project’s core development phase, 60% of your hours will be allotted for development, 15% for meetings and communications, 15% for design and documentation, while 10% will be reserved for post-development support. During the preceding initial assessment phase, 60% of your hours will be spent on design and documentation, while 40% will be spent on meetings and communications. Again, these percentages are rough estimates and may fluctuate depending on you and your project’s unique needs. Any time left over after we have accomplished what needs to be finished may be kept on account with us to allow for small fixes, adjustments, or additional consultation; or we will be more than happy to issue a refund of those remaining funded hours.

Don’t forget that sometimes there is more than what meets the eye on any custom software development project, or fix-and-tweak fishing eXpedition; don’t let ANYONE tell you different with their “fixed price” gimmick! Our eXperience has been that we will often discover new challenges and solve unforeseen problems along the way. What may appear at first glance to be minor tweaks and updates can end up being significant hurdles on the way to the best solution. However, many times those same tweaks and updates lead us to a place that might not have been originally conceived of, but which ends up as a better solution for the long-term problem. As such, they are invaluable to the creative process. You need eXperts who will make eXpert decisions regardless of the size of the project. Whether we’re serving as an outside consultant, building a new data management system, or repairing an existing system, by consistently sharing progress, communicating with candor and specificity, and taking co-ownership in the project, we will be able to reach the best solution for you and your business together in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

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