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eXcelisys eX-BizTracker V5

Inventory • Kitting • Order Tracking • Invoicing • Payments • CRM & MORE!

Simple & Easy to use FileMaker® Template Jump-Start Business Solution

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The flagship of our eX-File series, the eX-BizTracker 5, is a FileMaker template jump-start solution that incorporates a plethora of features and functionality! Robust CRM to manage individuals, companies, and organizations allowing for multiple addresses and contact methods for each. Inventory and inventory controls, ordering, invoicing, and payment collection. We even threw in correspondence logs, reminders, and email too!

The eX-BizTracker 5 reaps the rewards from the latest and greatest version of FileMaker® Pro 15. MORE feature-rich functionality and amazing value to an already remarkable jump-start FileMaker Pro template. New features added in the eX-BizTracker 5 dive into FileMaker Pro’s continued aggressive leap into the web and iOS/Mobile platform deployment strategies.

The eX-BizTracker 5 has kitting, no we’re not kidding – another pretty popular pestering we built into this marvelous FileMaker Pro jump-start template. This new feature has the flexibility to bundle products that are individually pulled from inventory and sold as a grouping at a discounted price, or to sell inventory that is already bundled into kits as a single item, so now what would you pay? But WAIT, there’s more!

Get yourself a custom business solution in ½ the time & cost!

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eX-BizTracker 5

We also added bar coding! (Woo Hoo) But, while bar coding is not exactly a new concept, this feature has been requested so often by clients, we just had to throw it in! A bonus baby!

You’ll be happy to know that the eX-BizTracker 5 also plays well with others, some of those 3rd-party playmates include QuickBooks, Salesforce, FedEx, UPS, PayPal, Magento, WooCommerce, and a whole lot more!

Who uses the eX-BizTracker? Glad you asked!

The eX-BizTracker 5 has served several of our clients’ needs in a veritable cornucopia of industries including:

  • Manufacturing

  • Grip and camera equipment rental (complex sales commissions structures)

  • Resource management

  • Vintage Volkswagen auto parts distribution

  • Chocolate production (yummy) (with extensive lot-tracking of ingredients and batches for FDA compliance)

  • Cataloging and selling used lab equipment online

  • HVAC

  • Custom furniture manufacturing and sales

  • Property management

  • Photo gallery

  • Online Merchandising & Sales

  • Stock photography licensing

  • And gobs and bunches more!

All this great stuff… AND, it is still very customizable to meet your distinct business requirements! You want the ultimate flexible business solution to jump-start your business to success… you need the eX-BizTracker 5!


CRM – Customers (companies or people)


Inventory/Products (and/or Services)





Preferences (settings and users)

Enhancements in Version 5

Product kitting • Barcoding • New and improved layouts and overall GUI theme

Improved WebDirect compatibility & support • All popovers, no pop-up windows for a smoother user experience

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Under The Hood (The Geek Stuff)

eX-BizTracker ERD Graph

  • FileMaker Pro development standards and naming conventions modeled after recommendations at filemakerstandards.org

  • Primary keys using the Get(UUID) function for simplified synchronization with offline devices

  • Streamlined relationships graph by using ExecuteSQL command to access data without extra table occurrences


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