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The eXcelisys Trucking Tracker – eX-TruckingTracker

Jump-Start FileMaker Pro Template for Trucking Operations Tracking

The eX-TruckingTracker gives you a custom business solution in ½ the time & cost!


• Easily track your trips, miles, and expenses

• Financial monitoring – receiving payment tracking

• Maintenance tracking

• Mobile – iPad Ready

• Web accessible

• Quick and easy customizable solution

Download a demo of the the eX-TruckingTracker today and play!

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The eX- Trucking Tracker is the 3rd addition in our incredible line-up of jump-start FileMaker Pro templates as part of our eX-Files solution series. This little ditty, The eX- Trucking Tracker, provides you with a simple and intuitive software framework to easily track your trips, miles, and expenses. The built-in financial monitoring features will help ensure that you are receiving payment as planned (always good to know where and when the money is coming in!), and also helps you stay on top of reimbursable expenses. We even threw in a maintenance module to help track repairs and maintenance on your trucks and trailers, or in lingo – big rigs and semis.

So maybe we’re trying to show off just a bit. But when we say that we build solutions, regardless of industry, we mean it. As an owner-operator, whether you own 1-2 trucks or even more, operate them yourself, or lease them to other carriers, eX- Trucking Tracker provides a robust foundational framework with a set of features that we can quickly and easily modify, add more, or integrate, to create the solution that perfectly fits your business-transportation needs.

How did we come up with this one, you ask? Well, we kinda asked a lot of questions, dun did some research, used a few of our awesome clients as guinea pigs (no animals were harmed in our experiments and trials), and once again applied our vast knowledge, expertise in software development, to create this jump-start wonder! Our goal, to provide a simple yet useful starter solution for owner-operators in the trucking industry that didn’t cost the same as a new rig and save truckers a lot of time, money and headaches.

Sure there are “other” turnkey solutions out there in the market, but give this one a spin and let us know what ya think. If The eX- Trucking Tracker misses the turn for you and you still want a better load, let us know. We can bring it back to the dock and stock it with enhancements to make it fly down the road of success for you!


  • Easily track your trips, miles, and expenses

  • Financial monitoring – receiving payment tracking

  • Maintenance tracking

  • Mobile – iPad Ready

  • Web accessible

  • Quick and easy transition to a custom solution

Under The Hood (The Geek Stuff)

  • Development standards and naming conventions modeled after recommendations at filemakerstandards.org

  • Primary keys using the Get(UUID) function for simplified synchronization with offline devices

  • Minimal overhead through script parameters, allowing similar scripts to be reused throughout the solution

Let Us Customize the eX-TruckingTracker For You!

Download the demo and play, then let us know how we can modify it for you!

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