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1 Better LLC
1031 Property Watch Inc.
2b3g, LLC
360 Cloud Solutions

360 Cloud Solutions

The team at eXcelisys is always friendly, efficient, and patient with our needs. They are also extremely responsive which takes the worry out getting something urgent completed and done right.

Doug even went above and beyond to walk me through basic maintenance of our site and even offered for me to shadow him for a short time so I could learn more about basic Wordpress, as this was my first time using Wordpress at all. I now feel confident in maintaining our site and I have a great resource to turn to if all else fails.

After we successfully updated the homepage of our website, we had another project that we needed help with: a custom built template for our newsletters. Doug responded quickly with not one, but several options at various price points since he knew we were on a budget for this. He selflessly made it clear that his priority was us, the client, as a couple of those options involved a 3rd party template builder which we ultimately had great success with at no cost.

Marielle Tanner
3D Exhibits
A Nice Place To Shop
A Step Above Salon
A&P Calibrations, Inc
A+ Imaging Products
A-1 Roofing Co
ABB Solutions, Inc
Abbywho, Inc
ABD International dba ABDick
Abraham Entezari
ACA Insights
Academy for Critical Incident Analysis
Access Association Services, Inc.

Access Association Services, Inc.

eXcelisys did eXactly what they said they would, on time and under budget!

My project was to convert and update a very old FileMaker database from the 1990's into a current format and have it connect with my QuickBooks to bring over selected data necessary for my business.

After searching for eXperts in FileMaker, I contacted Mark and discussed the process. Mark was very professional, no pressure and he helped me select the package for my project.

Kurt was assigned as the project manager and after an initial email discussion, we set up an online meeting to discuss my specific needs and to also introduce me to Ken, the FileMaker Developer that would be assigned to our project. I knew that I made the right choice when during this initial discussion, Ken was able to identify and correct one of my major problems and correct it the next day.

The entire team at eXcelisys has performed above and beyond to respond to even the smallest request. We are about 90% complete on my first project with them and I will be starting another project in the next few weeks. I highly recommend the eXcelisys team!

Tim Dillon
Acorn Landscaping
ADA of the SW
Adobe Systems Inc.
ADRIA Turizm Isletmeleri Ltd. Sti.
Advance Materials LLC
Advanced Building Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Entertainment Services (dba Advanced Productions)
Advanced Health & Physical Therapy Solutions
Advanced Installation Services
Aegis Electronic Group, Inc.
AES Optics
Aesthetic Plastic Surgical Institute
Affordable Roofing, Inc.
Ag-Biz Solutions, LLC (HayManager)
Ag-Biz Solutions, LLC (TC Ranch)
AIMS Medical Sales College
Alaska Environmental Resources, LLC
Alaska Youth and Family Network
All Stat Home Health
Allen Flatt Ballidis & Leslie
Allied Defense Industries
Almacenes Linda
Alpert/Siegel & Associates, Inc.
Alpha Pup Records
Altech Machining, Inc.

Altech Machining, Inc.

I am “sold” on using these folks for all of my future FileMaker needs!

The folks at Excelisys are friendly and easy to work with. They provided excellent support and service for our FileMaker solutions.

We have a LOT of homegrown files which needed upgrades and everything these folks do for us just works. Their use of Basecamp works well as a sounding board to work through each project and gives a history of what was accomplished.

Mike Dufford
Alternatives to Domestic Violence
Amber Property Management
American Estate and Trust, Inc.
American Fast Freight
American Golf League, Inc.
American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
Amethyst, LLC
AMSOIL Direct Jobber – Best Oil Company
Andrew Eskind
Andrew Lucas
Animal Land, Inc
Anne Hach
AQI Services
Architectural Wall Systems co.
Archive Data Solutions
Archives Bookshop, Inc.
Arctic Wild
Armor Security
Armor Security

Armor Security

Top of their field with a willingness to make sure not only to get the job done but even understand how it was done if needed.

I feel like I'm a beginner/intermediate FileMaker user. eXcelisys worked with me to let me do as much of the work as I wanted and came in and filled the gaps. They helped me all the way through my solution.

Due to their willingness to help us, I am really looking at eXpanding our solution because I feel confident that if I run into a problem, eXcelisys will help me through it. With the plus that they do not make it feel like I'm getting nickeled or dimed!

Jason Smith
Arthur R. Warner Co.
Artisan Complete
Artist Touch Studio
Artistic Solutions and Production
ASAP Aquatics, LLC

ASAP Aquatics, LLC

Excelisys rocked! If we could think it up they could make it happen.

When looking for a vendor to update our database that was assembled over many years of self taught developing there was much concern if it could be resurrected from the duct tape and chicken wire holding it together.

We chose Excelisys because they took time to understand not only our database but how it was used in the business and what we actually do. We spent a lot of time discussing daily operations and they genuinely wanted to make the database solution work for us, not create a cookie cutter solution.

Outside the difficulties of sifting through the unorganized database we presented, we also relied heavily on third party synchronization for the database. They studied the synchronization software, consulted with the programmers when necessary and were able to seamlessly incorporate and actually improve the efficiency of the synchronization process across all our mobile devices.

After completing a rebuild of our database there were only a couple minor bugs and they were fixed almost as fast as we could post them. The process went so smoothly we decided to proceed with making data available online for our clients.

The design of a website, adding a secure client side with multiple levels of login and incorporating the syncing process was very complicated but again they excelled and diligently worked out any bugs that popped up. The database is an absolute necessity for our day to day operations and it has been solidly improved by Excelisys. The rewards have been profound and have allowed us a new level of creative thinking and service to our clients is now fast and direct.

Collaborating primarily online and via phone was a new experience. A good experience. It allowed everyone to focus and keep track of complexities and progress. It also allowed a terrific group of specialists to be brought together from great distances to produce a very professional, structured, yet fun team. They really feel like an extension of our business. If we could think it up they could make it happen.

We are going on seven years with Excelisys and I can't wait to see what we come up with in the future.

Brian McVeigh
ASC Enviromental Services
Ascend Performance Materials

Ascend Performance Materials

Conquering this project has been extremely rewarding in terms of usefulness and productivity.

Contacting a developer is a leap of faith. I can't say enough good things about Excelisys and especially about Doug West. He is smart, intuitive and very dedicated to providing thoughtful solutions to our project.

The entire process has been a pleasure and we look forward to further collaborations to take our product even further.

Brian Stites
Ascolto, Inc
ASL Online (Vassar College)


eXcelisys gets web projects done in a timely and cost effective manner.

eXcelisys has been a great partner in helping Aspiranet with its 20 plus websites. We have worked with them to create landing pages, forms, redo branding, create new websites and many other projects.

eXcelisys has always done a great job. They are a pleasure to work with and have the eXpertise we need.

Paula Hennessey
Associates Asset Recovery
Association For Symbolic Log
Astro Fence, Inc.
At Ease Games
Atlantis, Inc

Atlantis, Inc.

You sure know how to handhold a scaredy cat!

Because it had to do with the death of my son, my blog, Channeling Erik, is my life.

About a year ago, the blog started having glitches, so I sought a web developer to help me. They did nothing. Just took my money and ran. Same thing with web developer #2.

Since then, I've been wary about anyone who wants, for a hefty price, to help me. Eventually, the glitches became so bad that the blog was in jeopardy so, out of desperation, I decided to try again.

In a Google, I found Excelisys. The minute I clicked on the site, a chat box pops up It was Rick Middleton asking if he could help me. Because the response was so fast, I thought he was too eager, so I decided not to go that route.

A few days later, after researching other companies, I approached Excelisys again and gave them my phone number. Rick called almost immediately. Alarms went off.

Why so eager? But we talked for a while, and I became more comfortable. In the end, I decided to use them. All of my worry was wasted because Excelisys performed well past my expectations. Everyone I worked with there responded almost immediately to my communications.

They were professional, highly skilled, respectful, hard working and completed the job quickly. I had to fuss at James for responding to my email on a weekend. I was expecting him to see it the next Monday.

It was such a pleasure working with all of them that I combed over my website for more problems for them to fix. Alas, they fixed everything and then some.

Thanks Rick, James and Doug!

Elisa Medhus
Atomic Fiction, Inc

Atomic Fiction

Though the process to get from conception to final completion is taking longer than I expected, the work is good and it has been a reasonably pleasant process.

Overall, I've had a good experience, but its taking a lot longer to complete this project than I anticipated. Part of that is on my side, in evaluating, providing feedback, etc, but part of that is on the Excelisys side, the time between seeing iterations and fixes

My two biggest frustrations are that (A) I wish there was a better way to QC the work (I would have loved if Excelisys had a person dedicated to troubleshooting that we could have spent an hour with and they could handle some of the QC work) and (B), I find BaseCamp to be a difficult platform to communicate through because I'm so used to doing everything in emails and being able to see a history in my emails (each individual BaseCamp message comes through as its own thread so it's difficult to see a whole history in my email without going into BaseCamp, and it's difficult to go into BaseCamp if I'm on a mobile device and not at my computer, which I am much of the time).

Marc Ostroff
Atomica Music Library
Audio Images International
Authentic Systems
Autovation, Inc.
Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions
Awards Unlimited, Inc.
Axiom Consulting Partners

Axiom Consulting Partners

Quick, responsive, intuitive and abreast of all issues I need them to handle!

The team is an integral part of maintaining our external presence.

The project we work together on is the ongoing maintenance of our WordPress website, which is our most important marketing tool and one that is constantly evolving, sometimes by our own pace of updates and sometimes with regards to necessary and important changes and updates that affect is functionality and security.

The eXcelisys team functions seamlessly together and with our firm's needs. My overall feeling is that when I need something done, the team is taking care of it, which is as much about peace of mind that the job is getting done as about the actual items that need to be completed.

Overall very good and productive relationship with a team of people who really know their stuff.

Lee Shoquist
Axium Incorporated
Ayn Rand Institute
Baby Fair
Bagersh Agro
Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland
Bar Quest LLC
Bauscher Construction & Remodeling
Bay Cinema Holdings (Gulf Camera)

Bay Cinema Holdings (Gulf Camera)

We are making good progress and I am very happy with the way the project is going.

Both Doug and Rob have been outstanding. They are very responsive and answer all questions quickly and in a way I can understand.

The big hold up keeping this project from moving faster is all me. I have not been very quick to do trials and then give feedback. As soon as Doug and Rob get feedback from me they move very quickly.

Neal Norton
BB Designs
Beginning Experience Intl Ministry, Inc.

Beginning Experience

The programmers seem very knowledgeable about the latest versions of software and able to speak in lay people's terms when explaining things.

The 'translation' process has gone very smoothly - from my explaining what it is I want to their being able to recommend and explain what I should use.

They are helping my nonprofit refurbish our website. We are changing from an outdated version of Joomla to using Wordpress, for various reasons. This is a complex project based on the different groups of people whom we need to be accessing the website - from the public, to donors, to the members of our various chapters, to the international office. The 'backend' will be very interesting.

Yvonne Stoop
Bencha 2, Inc. DBA Island Time Promotions
Bernie Glienke
Best Oil Company / AMSOIL Direct Jobber

Best Oil Company / AMSOIL Direct Jobber

eXcelisys has more eXpertise and horsepower than what I needed done, which enabled them to do the right things, not merely do things right.

We had recently changed host servers for our website, which had been built in WordPress by an IT company for us. We had used another CMS prior to WordPress and did not have much background into how WordPress worked, except for being able to perform routine text and graphic updates.

The new version of WordPress was installed and the site “broke.” I was told by an IT support group I would have to find a developer, since the issues were beyond their scope of work.

Being Friday night, what was I to do? No one could seem to help. The site was broken and that was our core business.

I found eXcelisys online and called them. They took the ball and ran with it, which was just what we needed. I believe eXcelisys has more eXpertise and horsepower than what I needed done, which enabled them to do the right things, not merely do things right.

Tom Shalin
Biomune Company
Birnn Chocolates of Vermont
Black Gold
Blackwell Bail Bonds

Blackwell Bail Bonds

The real deal.

I’m very impressed.

I am excited to see where we are going.

It was literally making all my hopes and dreams for a piece of software come together at a price that I never thought was possible.

Steve Titus
Blinker, Inc.
Blood:Water Mission
Bloomfield Hills School District

Bloomfield Hills School District

Excelisys helped us achieve a solution that was far better than anything we could even imagine.”

As a school district that was struggling with paper records of students and credits, we approached Excelisys with the idea of using Filemaker to setup a database for our counselors to access on their desktops and iPads.

Our counselors had binders upon binders of student records and classes. They spent weeks after the start of each semester calculating by hand what credits remained for every student.

We were in desperate need of a more streamlined solution! Within a week after starting the project Excelisys had taken our idea and turned into a fully functional solution.

We went back in forth with revisions and tweaks to get it just right. Our developer Michael was absolutely amazing. Very prompt and professional in all of his responses and knew exactly what we needed to get to our end goal.

What was really impressive was at the end of the project he sent us an entire 40 page document that outlined all the work that had been done and instructions on how to use our new solution!

Every single person who has seen this database is absolutely blown away by it.

I look forward to the day when I need to create another project like this so I can work with Excelisys again!

David Addison
BLR Holdings Inc
Blue Card

Blue Card

Being a very small company, I felt that Excelisys accommodated our needs at an affordable price.”

From start to finish the development and interaction went smooth and the staff at Excelisys were very helpful and easy to work with.

We feel that we are getting just the right product to help us with our data management needs and look forward to maintaining a relationship with Excelisys as our business continues to grow.

Jen Schabbel
Board of Regents, University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Excelisys helped us achieve a solution that was far better than anything we could even imagine.

Been working with Duane Weller the entire time, and he's been a great asset. Listens to what our needs are, offers suggestions and improvements.

I've yet to be disappointed with a solution, upgrade, etc.

Always goes beyond my expectations and has been very patient with my sometimes lack of formal training in our software and hardware management.

Rick O’Quinn
Boat Lettering Design
Boater’s Emergency Service
Boston Mutual Insurance

Boston Mutual

eXcelisys has been great to work with. Their response time is prompt and have been eXtremely innovative on our project over the past several years.

We set out to build a proposal system for our products which turned into a fairly complicated process due to state rules and product variations.

We initially had a "middle-man" and when that contract ended we elected to stay on with eXcelysis. The Lead Developer we work with, Ken Morehead, has been extremely willing to work with us on finding ways to sometimes make what seems impossible possible. Ken has essentially become an extension of our IT team, working with us to upgrade versions and train on functionality.

eXcelisys goes above and beyond!

Sue Anderson
BOSU Fitness
Bounce Music and Entertainment, LLC

Bounce Music

Excelisys is the Bestests! On time Pros, that deliver under budget. Unqualifies U 2 B Pro Athletes!

Doug West did a great Job!

He understood what we were trying to do and offered up a great plan with creative tweaks that made our program even better than we expected.

Dean Vali
Bow & Arrow Productions
Branson Tourism Center
Braxton B Glass
Brazos Urethane
Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods
Brett Romero
Brian Gamborg MD
Brice Incorporated
Bright Hospitality Inc.
Broker Transfer Services, Inc.
Brough, Chadrow & Levine PA
Brybeck Consultants
Buckeye Container
Building Automation Products Inc.
Business Card Experts
BW Heating & Cooling, Inc.
BYU Book Store
C. Garbin & Associates
C.C.S., Inc DBA Stones’ Phones
CABO Yachts, Inc.
Cache Creek Foods
Calendars & Conflicts, LLC
California Association of College Stores

California Association of College Stores

Whenever I have a question, I get a response within a few hours! This team really knows their stuff!

I needed to upgrade from one outdated FileMaker 7 to the latest version. Rick Middleton, Kurt Knippel & Simone MacLeod did it!

Rick was right on top of the project immediately looking at the scope of work & setting up the timeline. He then assigned Kurt as contact & project manager with Simone immediately looking at the old program and adopting to the new version. This was done efficiently within a few days time while they were attending a conference!

Loved working with them and so was so thankful from the start of just getting the old FileMaker unlocked. ..Wish I could work with a team like that all the time!

Mona Farley
California Bond Services
California Emergency Food Link
California Orthopaedic Specialists

California Orthopaedic Specialists

Professional, knowledgeable, skilled and on time, though so easy going and fun to work with.

We were looking for new workability and enhancements to our FileMaker Pro data base and had been let down, big time, in the past by several independent contractors.

I had been reticent at first to go with a larger company assuming it would be too costly and my project too small. But from day one, eXcelisys did not disappoint. From my initial call they were patient and helpful. Thereafter, I had a team working for me; a developer who completed all work on time with no down time for us and project managers who checked in regularly.

My project was completed on time, under budget and eXceeded eXpectations. We even had a technical emergency when our power abruptly went down causing some problems getting our servers back up, and they were right there!

Like so many, I juggle numerous duties and responsibilities and adding another project or task can seem daunting, but eXcelisys makes it easy and efficient. And unlike independent contractors who come and go, it is reassuring to know they are always there ready to help!

Amy Launer
Callahan & Associates, Chtd.
Canberra Corporation

Canberra Corporation

eXcelisys was a fantastic company to work with because of their honesty and knowledge in all aspects of WordPress.

When I first talked to eXcelisys I eXplained to them eXactly what I wanted and they didn't try to oversell me or try to convince me of things we didn't need. They were honest with what needed to be done and they fulfilled all of their promises in a timely manner.

I will definitely reach out to them in the future for any maintenance we may need on our web sites.

Nick Leyland
Canyon Media
Capital Idea Ventures, Inc.
Capital Media Group
Capstone Electric
Captain Joe’s Boat Rentals
Cascade Aircraft Management
Cathode Lighting Systems Inc.
Cathy Pareto and Associates
Catlin Canada Inc.
Catskill Provisions
CDW, Corporation
Cell Sciences
Center Court
Center for English as a Second Language (SIU Carbondale)
Century 22 Marketing
Century Group

Century Group

I highly recommend eXcelysis for your website needs! Kurt, Fred and Michael were great partners to revamp our website – eXperienced, knowledgeable, and easy to work with!

Century Group Website Refresh

For this project, I saw eXcelisys as my trusted advisors for problem solving, eXplaining eXtremely technical processes and recommending impactful solutions.

They had a great understanding of WordPress front-end and back-end functionality, and were able to customize several features that will truly enhance the overall user eXperience for our two main target audiences.

Sabrina Maharaj
Century Pacific Medical
Cessna 150-152 Club
Ceva Biomune
Chapin Woods/Pennellwood
ChartLogic (Medsphere Systems)

ChartLogic (Medsphere Systems)

Fred Morgan has been great. He is available at a drop of a hat and has been very helpful!

I was introduced to Excelisys by my NetSuite development partner 360 Cloud Solutions. We are developing a plugin that connects WordPress to NetSuite. Fred Morgan has been a great asset and always makes himself available for any questions. The development by Fred is always done on time and usually ahead of schedule.

The only thing I don’t like about Excelisys is the fact you have to prepay hours.

Chris Padilla
CheckMyPaper LLC

CheckMyPaper LLC

Recommend without hesitation.

First off, I think your own site is excellent. When looking for a developer I couldn’t believe how many folks had horrible sites but were competing to build mine - your site was clean, professional, full of details but not too busy; in a phrase, exactly what I wanted mine to be.

Account manager: Rick has been great. He has been easy to talk to, a great listener, and has been honest and up-front with me through every aspect of the build. I hate passive aggressiveness with a passion and appreciate how straightforward Rick has been at every step.

When I forgot an aspect of our contract and stepped outside of the bounds of it he called me on it immediately, but did so gracefully and professionally. This is someone I can work with.

He has also been patient with my delays with a build that is probably a bit outside of what you normally see; I’m not yet ready to launch and am okay with taking a little bit longer to develop my solution slowly - while this has contributed to our nearly two-year relationship now, I’ve never felt rushed and appreciate that you’re working with my timeline.

Project manager: Kurt has been good; I think that our relationship hasn’t faced the need to develop as deeply because Abhi has been far more involved, independent, and easy to communicate with than I get the impression the average developer is.

Since Abhi is so independent Kurt is rarely required to step in and interact directly; this is one of the very few things I would change.

Not seeing Kurt in action keeps me from understanding what he specifically brings to the fight; I can understand what Rick, Abhi, and Nick’s roles are, but I’m a bit in the dark as to what Kurt does other than coordinate start/stop times with me. I’ve never had a single complaint about what I’ve seen him do, I just haven’t seen much.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t behind the scenes working his tail off, it just means I haven’t seen it and therefore I don’t understand it.

Lead developer: Abhi is great. Often I don’t understand exactly what I’m asking for or the technical implications of my request; Abhi does a good job of breaking things down in ways that I can understand and demonstrates an absolute mastery of the coding he’s required to do in every aspect of the builds.

Lead designer: I’ve had very little opportunity to interact with Nick since we had mockups of most of the pages already designed when we started, but I don’t have any reason to complain about his work.

It has been quick, professional, and without errors. Overall build thus far: I’ve been very pleased with what we’ve gotten done so far. I have the general impression that I’m getting more than I’m paying for, and a couple of things contribute to that.

First, we had a bit of an issue with the lead developer who was initially assigned to me (I think his name was Tom?). The situation with him was resolved in a timely fashion, and one thing that I specifically noticed was that I was not billed for any of the time that he took; although I’m sure that cost Excelisys money, none of those costs were passed on to me, as the customer. This spoke volumes.

Second, although this is my first website/database design/build, I get the impression that Abhi works very quickly for a developer and I’m benefitting from his efficiency. The quality of the work has been very good.

There have been several major bugs that I’ve discovered as I’ve thoroughly tested the builds over the past year: some of the functions that were designed simply do not work.

However, I recognize that there’s an inherent tradeoff here - I could demand an absolutely perfect product on the first delivery and Excelisys could deliver it... but that would take a lot of hours of testing that I could just as easily, and far more cheaply, do myself.

I feel like I’m being given a work in progress to evaluate and give feedback on, and that’s exactly how I like it. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Excelisys materials: Everything I’ve encountered has been professional, attractive, concise, and well-designed (in short, the exact opposite of everything I’m used to working with in the federal government).

From the invoice design to the hourly rate handout; from Basecamp to this survey; it has all been incredibly user-friendly. Don’t change a thing.

Joshua Burnett
Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris
Cherry Street Health Services
Chevron Products Company
Chicago Legal Search
Chicago Realty Partners
Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Children's Hospital Oakland

Andy Persons of Excelisys rocks!

Working with Excelisys and particularly Andy Persons has been great! Andy is always on top of things (even when I haven't been) and responds quickly and succinctly.

Andy does what he says he's going to do, when he says he's going to do it. If I could say the same about my side of the project we would have reached the goal line earlier in the year - I think we might be on the 10-20 yard line now.

A field goal would do it but our goal is a touchdown with the extra point!

One of the things I've learned is just how time consuming the process is for both developer and the client. We're not yet through with many (most?) of our projects but I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

We have a few tweaks still to work out and reports to install (the delay is on my part, not Andy's) and then I'm confident we'll end up with a great product that will fit our needs almost to a T!

Probably the biggest surprise is how fast our hours/$$ are gobbled up. C'est la vie?

Karen Cantanese
Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc.
Christians for Israel, Canada
Christmas Northeast, Inc
Cinema Camera Rentals

Cinema Camera Rentals

The eXcelisys team helped me envision, develop, and implement a full inventory system that my business needed to move forward.

As the rental manager for Cinema Camera Rentals I could see what this business needed to move forward but unfortunately lacked the necessary skills to build a system that would work for us. Thankfully, I was able to transfer my vision to the team at eXcelisys who could to take my ideas, add some of their own, and build a fully customized FileMaker Pro database solution that would be able to streamline day to day operations of the business.

I am very thankful for everyone I met at eXcelisys, but I owe a big thank you to Doug West and Rob Poelking who were not only the driving force behind the development of the system, but also the individuals who were able to brainstorm with me about the obstacles that I faced and how to best confront them. Between the countless phone calls and emails, we were able to create a system that both I and my co-workers can confidently use on a day to day basis.

My project may be finished for now, but I know there will be new things to add in the future. When that time comes I know I won't have to hesitate to reach out to the team at eXcelisys to begin that next phase. Thanks again for all of the help!

Matt Stemmley
Circus Smirkus
Cisco Systems
City of Odessa
Clarendon Health System
Clean Air Engineering

Clean Air Engineering

It was great working with Doug and Paul on this project. Very efficient and professional services.

We were very pleased with the results. Your ability to bring some order to the chaos of our requests was great.

Also your willingness to try new things and latch on to some of our crazy ideas was appreciated.

Scott Evans
Cleodora, Cuodados Medicos Lda
Cleopatra Records Inc
ClickWare, Inc.
Cliff Wold’s Outfitting Co
CMC Group
CO-OP Grip and Lighting
Coaches Training Institute
Coast Claim Services (CCS)
Coastal Carolinas Integrated Medicine

Coastal Carolinas Integrated Medicine

eXcelisys was professional, organized, efficient, and accomplished.

I first hired eXcelisys to take over a web site I had built locally and then had terrible service and was unresponsive. They were able to obtain the credentials from the previous hosting site and set it up new so I could have them maintain the site.

They have since implemented security upgrades for PayPal and integrated into the store page of our commercial web site.

I particularly like the ability to buy packages of hours and bank them for use on an as needed basis. This is not our main business so we don’t have frequent needs and we have no IT staff. How nice to have (and pay for) expertise only when you need it!

Kenneth Willeford MD
Coastal Enterprises/Precision Board
Coastal Heating and Cooling Specialists Inc
Coastal Plumbing & Mechanical Corporation
Coastline High Performance Coatings
Coldwell Banker Landmark Group
Colibri Facilitation
Colossal Media
Comfort Masters, Inc. DBA Collins Comfort Masters
Commodore Marine
Commonwealth Realty Group Inc.
Community Corporation of Santa Monica
Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana
Community Mediation Services Inc
Compliance Solutions, Inc.
Compucolor Associates Inc.
Computech Support Services
Concord Music Group
Concorso Italiano
Connect Media International [Jordan Industries]
Connected Power Service
Construction Solutions Corporation
Continental Academy
Corinthian Events
Corita Art Center
Cossey and Associates, Inc.
Council on Library and Information Resources
Cowhorn Vineyard and Gardens

Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden

Implementing a FileMaker solution at my company is a "big fix" for a tiny company.

What could have been intimidating, or worse, a time suck, has turned out to be efficient and fun.

I am confident that as our usage grows, we will realize material time savings and improved customer interactions resulting in increased sales.

Choosing Excelisys and FileMaker Pro to create a customer database solution was an excellent decision. I highly recommend this duo!

Barbara Steele
CPU Medics, LLC
Creative Resources
Creganna Medical

Creganna Medical

I always get help right away and I enjoy working with the people that work for eXcelisys!

It has been a few years working with eXcelisys. They have been able to help with several upgrades to the scheduling portion of our system.

We had the dashboard updated and several security changes. Each update was done quickly and accurately. The eXcelisys team does not hesitate to get you on a call to clarify a need.

I enjoy working with eXcelisys and look forward to doing so in the future!

Jason Soderberg
Crescent Event Productions
Crosstree Capital Partners, Inc.
Crown Associates Realty, Inc
Crown Plastics
Crystal Holmes
Crystal Vaults

Crystal Vaults

Consummate professionals - big job or small - always there - always care!

I have worked with Excelisys for many years. The simple database I first needed got superb support.

As we grew our business Excelisys' professionals were always there to add the functionality we needed to our database. We have an extremely fast growing eCommerce website now.

Our Excelisys database is the center of our universe. It manages our inventory, our sales, our customers, and our clients. We live in it. It makes us successful.

We could not run our eCommerce business without it and the never-ending support from Excelisys as our needs evolve.

Henry Mason
Crystaphase Products, Incorporated
CSG Retail Services
Cultural Intelligence Center
Custom Telephone Printing
D & L Voice Works
Daisy Chart LLC
Dale R. Richards, DO
Dar El Salam Travel, Inc.
Darryl L. Sink & Associates, Inc
Data Perfect
Data Wizard
DataFrond, LLC
Dave Moore’s Custom Designs
David Lusk Gallery
David Weeks Studio
Davidson House, Inc
Davis Investigations, Inc.
DDP Minerals Inc
Dealer IQ
Deborah Wright
Deloitte Consulting
Delta Alpha Publishing, LTD
Denby Real Estate, Inc.
Deploy Tech Services, LLC
Deputy Tax Services, Inc.
Design Flair Graphics and Publishing
Detail Specialties, LLC
Development Solutions, Inc. (dba Hope 4 Kids)
Dex Media
DGP Express
Dickson Productions Inc
Digital Expressions Inc./Tiffany’s
Digital Ink Corporation
Digital Labrador
Digital Software Solutions, L.L.C.
Disclosure Line
DME Consulting Group
DMS Electric Apparatus Service, Inc.
Dobre Consulting Services
Doctor Flue Inc.

Doctor Flue Inc.

I'm glad to see we are with a company that cares about what they are doing, and understands the importance of keeping a business in production!

This is pretty early in our relationship, and I hope my feelings don't differ later in the game.

At first impression, Doctor Flue inc.® will benefit from the experience that Excelisys brings to our project.

I ( Kevon R Binder ) will benefit with this, as I finally have a project manager that knows he is the project manager!

If there is a way that I can help at least ONE other company, not make the same mistake I had made a year ago, [ hiring a small, private developer ] I would jump at the opportunity to educate them. - Because at the end of the day, it IS about educating your client, and holding their hand as needed.

There is a massive amount of trust needed to start this type of relationship, unfortunately, some people have no integrity, and will take advantage of you. Coming from a bad previous relationship, I was very cautious.

I was never pushed for a decision by Excelisys, however I never doubted I would hear from Rick again. As I told him several times during our courtship, he [ Rick ] is great at what he does. It is obvious that he can keep Excelisys busy!

Rob [ Developer ] has been outstanding! His level of comprehension for my needs has my very confident! Accidents happen, and we've had one small one.

However instead of excuses, I received a call from Rob, stating there is no charge, and that he had overlooked something!

Complete honesty, and responsibility for the mistake! While this shouldn't be a shock, it was, and a pleasant one.

I'm glad to see we are with a company that cares about what they are doing, and understands the importance of keeping a business in production!

Kevon Binder
Doctor Flue inc.®

Kevon Binder
Dometic Corporation
Domore Seating
Downie and Associates
DP Solutions, Inc
Dreamwear Inc
Durrance & Associates, PA

Durrance & Associates

I felt taken care of and attended to--as if I were their most important client. Diligent to work out every detail.

Ken is amazing! He is always there for me to answer questions and make adjustments.

He was prompt and attentive to my needs and available to speak to me to clarify my needs and issues to get it right!!

Thank you Ken!

Leslie Durrance
Duty Duds, Inc
DVLop Medico Inc
E2E Web Solutions
Eagle Design Group
Earth Real Estate Limited
East Side Health District
Eastern Division TCA

Eastern Division TCA

I'm coming after your jobs. With Andy teaching me his wiz-bang developing skills, you're in trouble!

I have really enjoyed working with Andy Persons. His professionalism, knowledge and skill level with Filemaker Pro has been phenomenal.

He has offered suggestions, laid out a database that is efficient, easy on the eyes and with a simplistic approach that data entry staff with no experience will be able to use with ease and minimal training.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with Excelisys. You have an excellent company with skilled developers and a watchful, attentive management team.

I've appreciated Christo's emails thanking me for choosing Excelisys.

Debbie Geiser
ECdata, Inc.
Echo Global
El Camino Irrigation District
El Remanso Lodge
Elaine Sandler
ElectroTek Consultants, Inc
Elite Endoscopy Services Corp
Emanuel Sourcing Group
Emergency Medical Services Conference Coordinators
Endoscopy Repair Specialist, Inc.

Endoscopy Repair Specialist, Inc.

Timely, efficient and easy to work with!

We have been very pleased with the service and overall experience.

Our developer has been awesome. Very prompt with responses and solutions. Still getting minor bugs out, but overall our system is running as we anticipated.

Denise Fisher
Energy & Geoscience Institute
Energy One
Enervision, Inc.
Environmental Engineering & Contracting, Inc.
EO Technical Solutions
Errol Ahlers
Esalen Institute
Eugene Vogt
Everlasting Impressions Inc
Export Subsidy Services
Ezoli, LLC
Fabrizio & Brook, P.C.
Facilitec West

Facilitec West

Very responsive and delivers solutions.

I have been using eXcelisys for a few years now and have been very satisfied with their work and results on my FileMaker database.

Basecamp had proved very effective at initiating problems or projects and keeping track of progress. Ken has been easy to reach and always quick to react and respond to questions and inquiries.

I am happy to be their customer and recommend and endorse the company to others.

Tony Stavros
Faith Database LLC
Family Media
Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

(A++) While being a client of the eXcelisys team I have felt that my investment has proven to be beneficial.

As I introduced the vision of a, "paperless business" to an organization with over 50 years of paperback history, the odds were against me.

I have been teamed together with Doug West, a professional and extremely intelligent individual, whom has helped in every way. Together, we were able to build our virtual management system that monitors near every part of our business here at Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

Professionalism, courtesy, and knowledgeable attributes are major selling points, as well as shared values between our two companies. I see a long working history between eXcelisys and Fanning Electric Co., Inc.

Kyle Fanning
Fantasy for Reality LLC
Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
Fasset Group
Fideli Publishing, Inc.
FileMaker, Inc. (FileMaker Business Tracker)
Fire Findings Laboratories, LLC
FireFindings LLC
First Choice Home Inspector, LLC
First Rate Excavate, Inc
First Regional Animal Hospital
Fish Data Management Services

Fish Data Management Services

Doug has provided timely and helpful support when I have contacted him with specific FileMaker Pro database development needs, questions, and issues.

I came to Excelisys feeling overwhelmed with the FileMaker Pro database project I had been hired to develop for a program at Cornell University.

After spending several weeks in development, then feeling stuck for a few weeks, I decided to hire a FileMaker Pro consultant to assist me. I made my needs clear — that I wanted guidance and support, not someone doing it for me — and that while I had developed for many years, this was a more complex project than I had tackled before.

I met virtually with Doug West several times. He was very knowledgeable, and more importantly, patient and kind as he helped me clarify the tables, relationships and scripts needed to allow students to use WebDirect (and Active Directory authentication) to submit weekly questionnaires.

My FM skills have developed a great deal because of this project and Doug’s tutelage. While the cost per hour was far more than I was making per hour, in the long run, it was well worth the investment. I would definitely use them again.

Michele Fish
Fisher Nut Company
Five Points Production Services
Flamingo Bowl
Flat Earth Networking, Inc.
Flores Consulting Services
Florida Community Services Group Inc.
Florida Forestry Association
Flying M Group
FMS Health and Safety

FMS Health and Safety

Working with Doug has been a blessing, we would be lost without him!

Doug has been very helpful throughout the app development process. He responds to my messages in a very quick manner. His communication back and forth is eXcellent. Our GoToMeetings are always successful and organized.

We have come a long way from where we originally started and Doug has been an integral figure in helping spark new ideas to make our company's new app state of the art.

I am very eXcited to see the final product and am very thankful to have the ability to work with Doug. Without him we would be back at square one of developing our app.

Andrew Walsh
Foam-It/Innovative Cleaning
Folding Table Software Labs
For Info Only, Inc
For Rent By Owner
Forensic Illustration & Consulting
Forest Signs Group
Forester Benefits Management, LLC

Forester Benefits Management

It has been a very good experience and the end product works well.

Ken Moorehead has been great to work with.

He has been thorough, listened well, knew when to ask questions, and delivered solutions in a timely manner.

We look forward to working with him more in the future.

James Coleman
Four Seasons Travel
Frederick & Frances Sommer Foundation
Frederick H. Leonhardt Foundation, Inc.
Freedom Electronics, LLC
Freedom Wealth Alliance
Freight Management and Allocation Company
Friends of Tuckerman Ravine
Friendswood Independent School District
Frontline Specialists, Inc.
FST Systems, LLC
Fully Involved, LLC
Furnace Manufacturing
FusionCrete of U.S.
Fuze7 Marketing
FV Recycling / Jones Companies

Jones Companies / FV Recycling

eXcelisys definitely has developers with eXperience in FileMaker. That eXperience has helped turn around our solution.

We came to eXcelisys about two years ago after struggling with another FileMaker developer. We had poured money into getting a solution that did not consistently work and continually frustrated our business users. Meanwhile, our company made an acquisition that required business changes and software changes. eXcelisys was able to dive right in and make the necessary changes so we could begin integrating the newly acquired company into our solution and business process.

Over time, we were able to make great strides with the reliability of the solution as eXcelisys completely redesigned and rebuilt the synchronization technology, allowing our iOS devices to operate in remote locations with no cellular signal. We could cache data and send when a connection was reestablished. This improved our data capture and also eliminated frequent file corruption issues.

eXcelisys also made a key improvement which automatically deployed updates to our remote devices (instead of manually reinstalling files). This saves both time and hassle for our remote employees.

My only suggestion to them (which I have voiced) is in their billing. In the past, we have purchased a block of hours at a discounted rate. This is a good value if you're using a large number of hours. However, it can be very difficult to reconcile what has been consumed to slight delays in approving time and billing. This often left us consuming more hours than we had purchased and feeling like we were burning through hours faster than if we were on a straight hourly billing model. Despite this, I've been happy overall with eXcelisys.

Tim Blackwell
G Factor MDA, LLC
GE Renewables
Geauga County Court of Common Pleas
Geauga Park District

Geauga Park District

Doug has been great to work with!

Doug has been great to work with and should be considered a great asset to the organization.

He is quick with fixes and reviews and was able to fix the issues within our system with little or no interruption to our staff.

Michele Pennell
Geographic Services Corporation
George Brosky

George Brosky

From beginning to end the team that I worked with was professional, prompt, and most important, apt at their job!!

Last year I had used a developer to assist with an personal work portfolio project ... a database that would help me land the dream job I was seeking ... something that would make me stand out from the rest.

After many frustrations, I shelved the project until early this year. I came across Levi at Excelisys, through a recommendation of a local development team that didn't have time to manage my project. Lucky for me!!!

From beginning to end the team that I worked with was professional, prompt, and most important, apt at their job!! After 6 months, I am thrilled with the final (semi-final) project.

Recently i had the chance to show people in my industry the work that Greg and Rob did for me, and many of them were quite impressed.

In fact, I have a meeting with a major firm in Dallas, because they are interested in seeing my work! Thank you Excelisys.

George Brosky
George Rural Health Center
Gevo, Inc
GI Entertainment and Restaurant Group
Gibson Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gibson Insurance Group
Gillman & Gillman

Gillman & Gillman, LLC

Happy with Ken and the Excelisys team for the work we have done over the years on our database upgrades and modifications.

Ken Moorhead has been great in Gillman & Gillman's FileMaker and other database development projects.

While it is always difficult to work with an existing system in a long-standing business, Ken has ably adapted to merge his knowledge of the "latest and best" available options work with our existing system.

We have formed a strong professional relationship that I believe will continue for years to come.

Justin Gillman
Gingko Home Furnishings
Gino and Jo’s Innovations, Inc.
GK Performance Horses
Glimmerglass Opera
Global Ad Distribution, LLC
Global Realty Services Group
GMICHAEL Investment Funding, LLC
Gold Spur Trucking
Gottfried Medical, Inc.
Grace Media
GraceFul Care, Inc
Grand Lodge of Kentucky
Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation
Grandstand Glassware
Great Falls Public Schools
Green TV
Gulf Camera, LLC
Gussie & Gertie’s Costume Rental
H Station Inc.
H&H Publishing Company, Inc.
Hagen-Sinclair Research Recruiting, Inc.

Hagen/Sinclair Research

I wish I were as creative, fun and humorous as you; but I could not be more happy with Excelisys.

Your setup and professionalism help me make the most of the nanoseconds I can devote to my FMP functions.

It is wonderful to know Kurt and team are always at my elbow if needed.

Your responsive communications and quick solutions are the best!

Cynthia Cross
Hailey’s Hope Foundation
Hama Hama Company

Hama Hama Co.

Connecting our FileMaker Pro database to QuickBooks has increased accuracy and a huge time and money saver!

We have been incredibly pleased with eXcelisys' efficiency and eXpertise.

As a small shellfish company, any redundancies can be incredibly costly. Before eXcelisys, we were entering in shellfish orders twice - once when receiving an order from a chef in order to print shellfish tags and track the order in our wet storage database, and then a second time in QuickBooks to issue an invoice. Ken was able to link our FileMaker Pro database to QuickBooks so that we can "push" invoices directly to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double-entry.

This connection has decreased the time we need to devote to invoicing, increased accuracy of invoices due to fewer opportunities for human error, and allows us to provide invoices to our customers much more quickly.

Tiffany Waters
Hand Held Films, Inc
Hanson’s Computer Service
Harris Green
Harte-Hanks Shoppers
Hayes Group, LLC
Hayes Heating and Cooling
Headframe Spirits, LLC

Headframe Spirits, LLC

The right folks with the right skills -- Excelisys makes a fantastic partner!

Its been a really wonderful experience working with Excelisys.

We've enjoyed the appropriate degree of professionalism (which for us is always a little lower key than most) and we've been really wowed by our developer's ability to ask the questions to lead us in the right direction.

Both members of our management team have a small degree of experience developing databases in Filemaker and had an easy time identifying it as the right tool for the job.

In spite of our experience, we've both been very impressed with how well Ken has understood our needs--and anticipated things we hadn't even considered. We feel grateful to be working with such a fantastic team.

Its a huge expense developing a project like ours and we're pleased to feel we've really selected the right team for the job. Cheers to you guys! Cheers!

Courtney McKee
Hearing Lab LLC
Heath Ceramics
Heimerl and Associates
Hercules Industries
Hi-Tech Integrated Systems Inc.
Hien (Cindy) Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen

If you need quick and reliable FileMaker Pro consultants, Excelisys will jump over hoops to get it done right!

At the beginning, I was afraid of changing to another FileMaker Pro consultant company mid project for a web-based interface project that I was working on.

Excelisys assigned me with a professional, easy going, and smart specialist who was able to make me feel comfortable with the change immediately. He understood my requests and provided a solution in a fast and effective manner.

Whatever the question was in regards to the software, the Excelisys team always provided an answer. I'll continue to use them in the future.

Cindy Nguyen
High Cascade Camps, Inc.
Highline Studios
Hills Floorings Limited
Hinge-It, Corp.
HMC Display
Home Care Business Services
Home School of America, Inc
Honey Construction
Hood Specialists
HOPE Center, Inc.
Hopkinton Vision Center
Hopman Jewelers
Hornblower Cruises & Events, Inc.
Hospital Corporation of America
Howard Actuarial Services
Howe Insurance Services
Howe Military School
HR Shopper.com
Hy Tech Tile

Hy Tech Tile

We are very pleased with the website that Excelisys built for us.

We are very pleased with the website that Excelisys built for us.

Our initial idea of a small website and a simple project estimator was wonderfully transformed by the Excelisys team into an elegant, easy-to-navigate, fast, yet functional one. On top of everything, we now have the best project estimator in the industry. The Project Managers (Geoff and Kurt) came up with interesting ideas that were transformed into reality by an extremely talented designer (Katie) and two exceptional programmers (Abhi and Alex).

Thank you Excelisys for making a small project a success!

Cornel Olteanu
Hy-Tech Automation
Hydra Concrete Waterproofing
I Am Always Here
IATSE Local 479
Illinois Energy Windows and Siding
Immaculate Heart Community
Independent Medical Evaluations, Inc.
Indian Lake Local Schools
Ingenium Product Development
Inland Arts & Graphics
Innereactive Media, LLC
InnerWorkings, LLC
Innovative Cleaning Equipment Inc.
Innovative Educators, Inc.
Innovative salon Products
Insight World Group
Integrated Academic Systems LLC
Integrated Health Management Services
Integrated Sign Associates
Inter Global Exhibitions, Inc.
Interlink Diagnostics, Inc.
International Lawyers Network
International Metaphysical Ministry
International Service Learning
Internet Postcards
Intra-Media Design
Intuitive Database Solutions
Invitation Media Ltd
iQueu Consultants, Inc.

iQueu Consultants, Inc.


Working with Abhi has been such an amazing experience.

When I bring an idea to him he is able to transform it into a successful process that has continued to enhance our service offering, WebQ.

Abhi is a programming "rock star!"

Darlene Nedwick
Isaak Brothers

Isaak Brothers

I was trying to build on my own and getting nowhere. Great Product and great help.

Doug did a great job taking my vague instructions and turned them into just what I wanted.

After a while of working I realized on Basecamp that my internet browser was blocking the time left and the contacts at the top of the page on the overview.

What I think would be nice is every so often when the developer is working to send a quick note or update on where they are at.

Daniel Baergen
J&J Worldwide Services

J&J Worldwide Services

Ken is always available when I need him, even on Sunday afternoon at the airport.

Excellent communications, great ideals, project never went backwards. Very pleased.

Steven Kelley
J. Arouca e Fonseca Corp.
J.P. Morgan Investment Management, Inc.
J.P. Rivard Trailer Sales Inc
James Hardie Inc.
James Mitchell
Jami Bodinot
Jarvis Photography
JAT Consulting
JC Ramsey & Co
Jeff King, Inc.
JEM Consulting
Jennifer Richardson
Jeugddienst Appelsien
JK Home Improvements
Job Search Managers
Joeb Moore and Partners Architects
John M. Marshall’s Jewelers
John Pollard
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Jones Environmental LLC
Jones Meat & Locker
Jordan Publishing Corp.
Jumar Corporation
Junoll Industries, Inc.
Just For Kix
JV Energy Solutions Inc.
JXE Digital
Kaiser Permanente
Kaleida Health
Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
Kansas Press Association
Keeling & Associates
Ken Massrey Associates
Kenna Heat Cool Solutions, Inc.
KennelStation Inc.
Keynote Capital, LLC
Kiko Auctioneers & Real Estate
King Shots, Inc.

King Shots, Inc.

Biggest bottom line: SALES INCREASED! Thank you Excelisys.

My relationship with the Founder of Excelisys goes back 20+ years.

I have witnessed first–hand the creative vision and growth of an Industry leader in Database Solution Development and Deployment. I sought out Christo and his team for my meager project of an Intra–net Sales Automation solution.

We photograph very large competitions nationwide and we needed a system that was easy to use and rock solid, as it was to be setup and torn down in 30 cities over a six-month period.

But most importantly, for a small businessman on a tight budget, I needed to realize a significant increase in operating profit to justify this investment.

Kurt Knippel and Cesar Morales are amazing to work with, especially for someone with all the demands in the world, but with very little knowledge of actual solution building protocols and limitations.

I have been known to be impatient and both Cesar and Kurt held my hand through the entire process, all the while wondering why Christo had put up with a “friend like me” for so many years.

I demanded; they produced. I was impatient; they were soothing and methodical. Biggest bottom line: SALES INCREASED!

I look forward to Kurt, Cesar and Christo’s continued patience and expertise as we refine an already fantastic Solution. Thank you Excelisys.

Neil King
Kiona Publishing, Inc.
Kirby Restaurant & Chemical Supply
Klippy Corp
Koerner Camera Systems
Kondler & Associates, CPAs

Kondler & Associates, CPAs

What can I say eXcelisys earned itself an A+

In a matter of a short time eXcelisys assigned an IT tech to my project, they contacted me and the work began immediately. We received professional treatment from start to finish.

In addition to our WordPress not working properly after an update from Go Daddy, the IT tech also fixed a few more issues he had seen on his own. I had the ability to access a portal page through their company to track the work as they progressed.

Thank you eXcelisys, for the eXpeditious work and getting our company back on track!

Linda L. Kondler
KP Software Solutions LLC
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
Kutscher, Benner, Barsness & Stevens
Kutz, Inc

Kutz, inc

In a world of mediocre eXpectations, the people of eXcelisys eXceeded in every way possible!

The people at eXcelisys knew what I wanted better than I did. Often offering methods and features I hadn't thought of.

Very flexible, quick, easy to work with. And most surprisingly, each build was bug free.

Dennis Kutzen
Kyle Smith
La Crosse Litho Supply
La Lumiere School
Lake Elsinore Storm
Lake Waubeeka Association, Inc
Lakeshore Learning Materials (Lakeshore Equipment Company)
LAMBS – Lab Animals Management Business Software LLC
Langdon Barber Groves
Langdon Barber Groves – Fund~Blazer
Lannan Foundation

Lannan Foundation

Working with eXcelisys has been great! Attention to detail, turn around time and communication are top notch!

I have had the pleasure of working with eXcelisys, specifically Ken, on multiple FileMaker Pro projects. The eXperience has been great.

We have taken old and tired Access databases and turned them into usable and accessible FMP databases! And when I say we, I mean I get to ask for what I want and the Ken part of "we" makes it happen!

I without hesitation recommend eXcelisys!!

Jaime Michael
Lasting Legacy
Latitude Estates Inc
Lauderdale Graphics Corp.
Law Office of Scott D DeSalvo, LLC
Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, LLC
Lazy E Ranch
Learning Pathways, Inc.
Lenoc, Inc
Leon Max, Inc dba MaxStudio.com
Leslie Morris
Let’s Truck, LLC
Lexington Philharmonic Society
LF Web Consulting
Life Technologies Corp
Life Tree Learning Systems
Lifeline Design

Lifeline Design

Great communication, reasonable / realistic billing for the job and very prompt turn around time on work completion.

I had to source FileMaker development for a client of ours. It originally was going to be a larger project, but as the project shifted, it turned out we just needed a very minor job done.

Excelisys was the only company that consistently checked in and discussed the project, checked where we were at and showed actual interest in working with us. Once we made the decision to hire them, they didn’t waste any time. Our small project was completed the day we started it.

If any of my clients need FileMaker development done in the future, I will only be talking to Excelisys.

Dave Saraiva
Liquid Health
Little Big Guy Baking

Little Big Guy Baking

Very pleased with Kurt and Scott.

Kurt and Scott are very responsive and committed to making things right. Really appreciated.

Stuart Schwartz
Live Nation Merchandise
Lone Mountain Cattle Company

Lone Mountain Cattle Company

All in all, a fine experience. Thank you!

The team at Excelysis was able to take what was/is a very complex set of variables, interactions, and processes in our business system and compile them in a logical way for our custom database build.

It did take quite a lot of work to make it happen, but the entire time, the project manager and lead developer were very effective.

I would say the only glitch that came up repeatedly was involved with interfacing with our existing website application development needs. The database Excelysis built for us needed to interface/sync with our current website backend. And the website shopping cart was a custom build solution from another company.

So there was never an easy, simple fix to issues that came up. That's fine and understandable. What that meant, though, was that time estimates for new issues that we tasked Excelysis with completing were often underestimated.

I acknowledge the difficulty with properly estimating (and not over-estimating, which would have its own frustrations) the time it takes to perform fixes on custom built interfaces.

All in all, a fine experience. Thank you!

Griff Foxley
Longterm Solutions
Lorenzo Davis
Luchay & Associates
Luggage Repair Center
Lupine Lane
Lynden Logistics

Lynden Logistics, Inc.

Doug West = Ah-mazing!

I have worked with the same developer, Doug West, annually since December 2010. He is ah-mazing. He "gets it" the first time I explain it.

So refreshing to find a developer who speaks the same language as those who are just users of the program. Doug has always been friendly, professional and patient with me. I look forward to continuing to work with Doug each year.

Always a great experience - meet or exceeds my goals every time!

Heather Carmody
LYP Music Inc.
M. W. Donnelly, Inc
MacFadden Dance Magazine, LLC
MacLean Surgical Instruments

MacLean Surgical Instruments

Excelisys is the BOMB!

I was having some issues with programming some more complex items in a FileMaker Pro program, so I contacted Excelisys and Levi hooked me up with Doug West.

He was amazing; Always professional, polite, prompt and extremely knowledgeable!

I would recommend Excelisys to anyone looking for support with their FileMaker Pro projects!

Christa MacLean
Majestic Productions
Mann Consulting LLC
Marathon Moving Company
Marcon Forensics
Mardun Software Ltd. (dba GuardianTek)
Mark Bell
Mark Hopking
Mark Robert Halper Limited
Martin Strauss Insurance
Martine Bakker
Mary Carlston
Mass Times Trust
Matt Gunn Web Development
Matthews Help Center
Mattix Music
Maya Technologies
MCC Association
MCC Institute
McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, LLC
McGrath Contracting, Inc
Meacham Law Firm
MeDiCa, Inc
Medical Claims Analytics LLC
Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants, PA
Medicare Supplements Plus
Medicina Oral SL

Medicina Oral SL

It is easy to communicate with Excelisys. They always do an excellent job!

Jose Bagan
Meehan’s Fish, LLC
Members Choice Credit Union
Mercury Mambo
Mesa Sand Music
Mesa Sand Ventures, LLC
Metal Roof Innovations Limited
Metal Roof Innovations Limited (S-5)
METI – Medical Education Technologies, Inc.
Metro Concrete Inc.
Metropolitan Staple Corp.
MFE Rentals
MHM Glass Etching
Michael Huddleston
Middlebrooke Consulting

Middlebrooke Consulting


This was my second experience working with Excelisys.

The first experience was excellent! The second experience was beyond EXCELLENT! The developers and contact support staff are super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable! They walked this old woman through everything I needed to get my database up and running.

I can't recommend Excelisys enough! This team is so lovely to deal with. They all jump on board to help whenever it is needed.

I am so happy to have this group standing with me! I will never go anywhere to have my development needs met. I seriously think this group of people at Excelisys is the best in the industry.

Friendly, helpful, funny, smart, empathetic and just wonderful! Those are the adjectives I gladly use to describe the Excelisys team!

They really came through for me during a crisis and made everything fly right. I wish I had a group like this working for me, oh wait ... they do!

Don't waste your time going anywhere else, always speak with Excelisys first! They will not let you down!

Susan Nelson
Midwest Bone and Joint Surgery
Midwest Ready Mix
Mike Smith Toyota Scion
Miller Landscape Materials, Inc., dba Iowa Outdoor Products
Mills Entertainment
Mindtranet Inc. dba Focolpoint
MIT Energy Initiative
MIT Medical

MIT Medical

It has been a pleasure to work with Excelisys, because they are responsive, communicate well, and have the resources to get the job done.

We have a complicated FileMaker Pro application connected to an equally complicated PHP web application inherited from another custom development "firm".

Excelisys has been a wonderful partner helping us evolve the software as our needs have changed and grown. We’ve also worked with them to layout the specifications for developing a new system from scratch. They have been flexible to work with, including communication via email, their Basecamp application or GoToMeeting conference calls.

I would readily recommend Excelisys to another business, whether they want to build a custom system from the ground up, or update an existing application.

Terry McNatt
MitchStuart, Inc
Mobile Radon Diagnostics
Modern Drummer Publications
MOFGA Certification Services
Monetary Gold LLC
Mossberg & Company
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Arkansas
Mountain Light Photography Inc
Mt Vernon Academy Development
Munich Parts Warehouse
Murphy & Associates
Musculoskeletal Research Foundation
Music Phonebook
MY Laurel
Mykonos Beads
Mythos Arcanum Games Imagined
Nantucket Film Festival
Nantucket Listings Services, Inc.
National Photo Group
Nationwide Janitorial Services, Inc.
Nature’s Way Landscaping LLC
Neil Baddour
Net Friends, Inc.
Neurosurgical Private Practice
New Regency
New York Certified Electrical Inspectors
Nichols Equipment
NJS Inc. dba Nationwide Janitorial Service
North Shore Mental Health
Nortrans, Inc.
Notso Costley Productions

"Notso" Costley Productions

The moment of my first call to this company, I felt I was in good hands.

I just want to say that my first experience with the Exelisys team was outstanding. On a scale from (1-5 and 5 being great) I give them a 5+.

From the moment of my first call to this company I felt I was in good hands. I'm a very type A stressed-out person when it comes to business and I have to say that my Project Mgr. Greg Furry and my Lead Developer "Levi" aka Laura Vie made me feel very comfortable through the whole process of fixing the problem I had with my FileMaker Pro booking program application.

I book entertainment all over the New England area and I was afraid I was going to lose all of my old and current records but that didn't happen. I love that fact that Levi was able to join me on my computer screen and explain everything she was doing and why she was doing it and have it make sense to a very non technical person (which I am).

Excelisys is my new go to company when it comes to any IT or FileMaker Pro problems I may have moving forward. I also feel like I've made a new friend in this working relationship I now have with Levi and this wonderful company.

Thank you, Paul Costley

Paul Costley
NRC Realty Advisors, LLC
Nursery Farms
NYU Langone Medical Center
Oak Meadows
Oakley Inc.
Odos Industries Inc
Olde Good Things
Olentangy Local School District
On The House Media
Open Mobile Alliance
Optimal Human Performance, LLC
Oregon State University ID Center

Oregon State University

Working with eXcelisys enabled us to build a product that was robust and flexible that met the needs of the users throughout campus. eXcelisys' pricing is fair and they are efficient with their time – a true value!

Working with you enabled us to build a product that was robust and flexible that met the needs of the users throughout campus. eXcelisys allowed us to build a great product while learning the software at the same time (it’s like a two for one!).

Working with Doug has eXceeded our eXpectations. He is professional and very easy going. I was taken aback many times as I only had to explain an issue once and he would get it (normally it takes others a couple times to get where I’m coming from). If Doug doesn’t know the answer he doesn’t BS you – he will tell you straight out and do the research to find it out. He shares information and provided guidance so that I could learn and do. Doug is an true professional whom I would definitely recommend to others!

Robert Monasky

OSTS, Inc.

Listened to our needs, adapted when we requested changes mid-stream, produced the product we were looking for.

We are a safety consulting firm that provides a heavy volume of training. We researched FileMaker Pro consultants and decided on eXcelisys to help develop our safety training roster application.

My staff and I are very happy we chose eXcelisys as they listened to and understood our needs and created a solution that made our operation more efficient. Well worth the investment.

Aside from the programming knowledge, I feel that a strong point of eXcelisys' programmers (Kurt and Joe) was that they really listened and were able to flex as we requested changes during the middle of the project.

Mike Geosano
Ouimaster LLC
Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery


If you want your visitors to have a beautiful, pleasant, and professional experience at your website, hire Excelisys!

The team approach to the OwnerManager.org and the OwnerManager.us project was so efficient, and the team members (Greg and Fred) are so skilled and intuitive. The end work product was completed, they were professional, and they finished very quickly.

The Excelisys methodology is why I strongly recommend that if you want your visitors to have a beautiful, pleasant, and professional experience at your website, hire Excelisys. Excelisys will not disappoint you or your visitors. Realize and accept that you are not building your web site for you, you are building your web site for your visitors so they can experience your company’s open personality, its dedication to the details of their request, your innovation, and timely professionalism in fulfilling their needs. Having a website that is less than this only hurts your company. Be Smart and get it right from the start.

Walter C. Spraggins
Oxford International Review
PA Integrative Data
Pacific Distributing Company
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Pacific Screen Print Int., Inc.
Pacific Southwest RCE
Pacific Wealth Management, LLC
Panda Communications
Paradigm Visions, Inc.
Parker-Anderson Learning Centers
Paso Robles Press
Patricia Rush, MD MBA

Associate Professor-University of Chicago (retired)

eXcelisys was an eXcellent choice – far eXceeding our eXpectations.

Our organization chose eXcelisys to eXpand our FileMaker Pro database to our off-site team members using WebDirect. Our eXperience with eXcelisys is one of partnership: the Project Manager was focused, attentive to our specific needs, made straightforward technical recommendations, and was available to ensure technical problems were actually solved. The pricing was straightforward and fair.

Highly recommended.

My experience: as part of a network of non-profit agencies, FileMaker Pro was selected as a database to compile and analyze a directory of national and local programs doing innovative work on child development. A large amount of work went into the design of the project, specification of data elements, etc, but the actual programming of the database was left to the last moment.

I volunteered to put the project into action through FileMaker Pro. I found FileMaker Pro straightforward in terms of database design – but implementing it on a Server with WebDirect access for multiple participants was beyond my scope. And of course, a funding deadline loomed. We researched options on the Internet, found several services claiming FileMaker Pro eXpertise, quickly interviewed them by phone and selected eXcelisys. eXcelisys was an eXcellent choice – far eXceeding our eXpectations.

My first contact at eXcelisys was with our Account Manager. The initial discussion was quick and to the point, noting the urgent nature of my problem. Pricing was straightforward and fair. The Account Manager promptly assigned me to a FileMaker Pro Project Manager who was outstanding. I would rate the skill of the Project Manager at a mastery level – in terms of database knowledge in general, FileMaker software knowledge in particular and interpersonal skills.

Our Project Manager quickly identified our particular technical problem and was able recommend the specific steps needed to provide WebDirect access. Within a short time, our FileMaker Pro project was back on track, our deadline was met and we received rave reviews.

I was so impressed with the FileMaker Project Manager that I have continued to use eXcelisys to enhance the FileMaker database, especially the report functionality. Even though my knowledge of databases is only at an intermediate level, the Project Manager treated me consistently with respect and promoted my learning and problem solving. I have had the eXperience before of having tech eXperts talk in jargon, solve problems without eXplaining how, which then left me dependent on paying for more consultant time when the next technical problem arose. My eXperience with eXcelisys is one of partnership: the Project Manager was focused, attentive to my specific needs, made straightforward technical recommendations, and was available to ensure the problem was actually solved. I also like eXcelisys' use of BaseCamp as a way to keep all the conversations in one place – it is easy to track the process of problem identification and resolution. I give eXcelisys my highest recommendation and plan to continue to consult them for other projects including upgrading our web site. I was charged very fairly for the time spent on the project.

Patricia Rush, MD MBA
Patti Ringlee
Patton Picture Company
Paul K. Ward, LLC
Paul Nazzaro Music Studio
PCS Computer Systems, LLC
Pedski, Inc.
Penn Care
Pennellwood Resort
Penny Newman Grain Co
Pentegra Systems LLC
Perennial Plant Association
Perkowski/The Tshirt People
Phase Design, Incorporated
Phillips Real Estate Service
Phoenix Youth Symphony

Phoenix Youth Symphony

Excelisys has handled all of my project issues and concerns thoroughly, professionally and in a timely manner. I have always had positive experiences with Excelisys responding quickly, resolving issues thoroughly based on need and communicating what was done, or needs to be done in a professional manner.

I had problems with an outdated theme that caused problems when upgrades went through. Excelisys was able to fix the issues without interrupting use of our website. They responded very quickly whenever we had issues.

They are currently helping us with migrating our current Wordpress website to a new theme. Fred Morgan worked on our temporary theme fixes and did a great job communicating the issues, what was done and what problems we could face in the future due to our theme issues.

I am currently working with Brad Easley on the transfer to a new theme. When we first had issues and I was determining what needed to be done, and what company to use, I had a good phone conversation to express concerns, get questions answered, etc. Since that time all communication has been done through Basecamp.

I like the convenience of Basecamp, and the ability to communicate, etc., but I am not technology savvy, so it would be nice to touch base with a phone conversation since we are starting a new project and I want to make sure the concerns are understood. Waiting back and forth for information, progress and answers by email is sometimes difficult when trying to express issues and what needs to be done, etc.

Overall, I have had positive experiences working with Excelisys and would recommend them to anyone who needs help with their website!

Stacey Page
Physical Sciences, Incorporated
Physician’s Evaluation Network
Physicians Reimbursement Fund
Picuz Solutions Inc.
PilePro Sales Corp
PILON AEC d.o.o.
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
Pioneer Bible Camp
Planet Water Foundation
Platinum Strategies, Inc.
Pleth, LLC
Points League, LLC
Ponte Investments LLC
Pop2Life, LLC
Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club
Posh Pets Grooming and Boarding
Possible Solutions
Pothier Enterprises Ltd.
Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc.
PowerBusiness Associates, Inc.
Premier Pathology Lab
Prescription Solutions
PreSet Calibration Services Ltd
PRI Construction Materials Technologies

PRI Construction Materials

Extremely organized!

Working with Doug and Rick was a great experience. They both listened to our needs and came up with a solution every time.

I have nothing but rave reviews for Excelisys. This company does what it promises to do and more!

Katie Tripp
Prime Surfaces, Inc.
Primoris Services Corporation
Pro Tools Express
Progressive IT
Progressive Maryland
Prospec Interiors Inc
Provided Path Software, Inc.
Provision Business Services LLC

Provision Business Services LLC

You guys know your stuff.

I can count on Excelisys to have the technical expertise to accomplish whatever job I need. They are always looking ahead to advise me on additional ways to achieve my goals.

Rick went out of his way to speak with me about my new business and gave me some really good advice to pursue (unrelated to computers). He was just interested in helping me.

Greg is a very efficient manager. He is able to translate my non-computer speak into computer lingo for the programmers.

I worked with Greg and Vikki on this most recent project. They presented a "grand plan" of what I would like to achieve and then we started working on it in phases.

Vikki was very patient in teaching me how to use the new features that I wasn’t familiar with. Thanks guys.

Kim Mayfield
Quality Color Design
Quantum Technological Development Corporation
Questions Galore, Inc.

Questions Galore

The site was built exactly how I asked, with a very quick turnaround time.

My small company has continued to expand, and we recently needed to create a new website.

After talking to several local website developers, each of whom had their own limitations, backlog of work, and overpriced quotes, I asked Excelisys if they could design a website for me since they had already built a FileMaker database program for me the previous year.

The site was built exactly how I asked, with a very quick turnaround time.

Katie and Abhi were really easy to work with and even gave me multiple ideas on how to improve the site with little to no extra cost.

I would recommend Excelisys to anyone.

Michael Hurley
R B Products, Inc
R. Altman & Associates
Rabbi Denise L. Eger


Everyone was Very professional and thorough in their efforts to sort through the technical issues in my website.

I was happy to work with the team at eXcelisys. Levi, Kurt and Sean helped me troubleshoot and then resolve the issues I was having.

I particularly appreciated Levi’s persistence and patience and Kurt’s know-how and Sean’s follow through. Bravo!

Rabbi Denise L. Eger
Race Everywhere LLC

Race Everywhere

Very knowledgeable team. My development lead took time to work with me to develop a plan and help me execute.

I had a good experience with eXcelisys.

We started by discussing our business goals, and they gave me advice to move in a different technical direction than what I was thinking, which was definitely the right move. Good team.

Kim Essendrup
Radiant Engineering Inc.
Raison D’être Bakery

Raison D'être Bakery

BizTracker is a great product that can be customized to anybody’s needs.

After going through another consultant for a “cheaper” price, we found out that the cheaper price was short in reliability and quality.

eXcelisys’ BizTracker database allowed us to purchase a proven product which they customized to our needs. Doug helped us to work through all our issues and provide us with something that will increase productivity and save us time and money.

Without Doug’s expertise, we would be lost. When our business expands, we will definitely come back to have more work done!

Steven Lee
RBS Construction
Realtime Motors, Inc
Red Beans LLC
Red Hen Turf Farm
Red Knight Learning Systems
Redbeard’s Book Den

Redbeard's Book Den

Professional Help!

Needed to migrate an old FileMaker 6 DBMS into FileMaker 16. Outstanding help and job by Levi to get us back up and running very quickly.

Much thanks to eXcelisys to help us get our needs more than met. Highly recommended company.

Ronald Pussell
RedIP Mexico, SA de CV
Regal Hardwoods

Regal Hardwoods

We are well on our way to a great custom solution. Ken, Doug, & Rick were all easy to work with on our project.

Before we had our first phone conference with eXcelisys, we were in a tough situation with no solutions. Our previous inventory software was not performing correctly. There were wrong COGS calculations, and the reporting was messy and weak.

After our initial meeting, there was a newfound hope that we could have an inventory system customized for us that could also help us formulate business strategies. About 500 development hours later and a ton of requests to the eXcelisys team, we feel that we are nearing the completion of a successful journey. Ken was able to develop a system for our complicated pricing structure and we worked through a lot of business processes.

I would 100% recommend eXcelisys for your custom FileMaker solution, but only if your organization has designated the right person/team who knows how your business works. IF you have that person or team ready for FileMaker, then the eXcelisys team can 100% craft a reliable custom solution.

Nolan Luke
Regenix, Pure Balance, Inc.
Reginald Barnes

Responded timely to my design specifications both initially and later when changes were required.

I needed two reports from two databases. I sent eXcelisys my specifications and they responded on a timely basis to complete the projects.

In both cases I needed small changes to their initial solutions which they implemented quickly. I used both solutions for several years until I needed a small change in one of the reports. They suggested that the change was easy and that they could teach me how to do it in case I needed similar future changes.

It worked like a charm and was not only successful but great fun for me to learn the process for a small change.

Reginald Barnes
Regional Task Force on the Homeless
Rental Finders
REOC General Partner
Reproductive Associates of Delware
Rescue Marine
Resolution Partners Micro and Macro LLC
Resurrection Vintage Clothing
Revalesio Corporation
RHD Japan
Richard Harrison Bailey
Richard T. Kiko Agency, Inc.
Rick’s Auto Body
River Services Company, Inc
River View Campground & Canoe Livery (R.V.C. Inc.)

River View Campground

Excelisys gets it done!

My Excelisys team of Laura and Kurt handled my tough campground reservation system project and came up with a great FileMaker Pro solution for my business. They were able to handle all of my curveballs and delivered a great solution that has helped my business significantly.

Each step of the way we worked together to determine what my needs were and how they could meet them. We reviewed every revision of our project and made sure I was pleased with the changes we made along the way.

Todd Golebiewski
Rockland Embroidery
Roth Advertising, Inc.
Rowley Associates

Rowley Associates

Best money spent on my business to date! Don’t hesitate, hire Excelisys today!

My first contact was with Levi, who listened to my lengthy story of how I ended up desperately needing Excelisys' help.

From the first conversation to the hand off to the PM and subsequently the programmer, everyone knew my story, I didn't need to reiterate my needs, my timing, my hesitation, or expectations - Levi had explained it all and everyone understood my goals and more importantly had a plan.

The Excelisys team professes expert level FileMaker Pro knowledge, which I had been promised by a number of other "experts", Excelisys is the one group who delivered. My database looked great on the front end, the back end was a disaster!

They delivered a fully functioning and repaired system utilizing less time than discussed (when does that EVER happen?) and I was left with more time to add bells and whistles I didn't think I could afford. The end result is gained efficiency and productivity.

The only downside was the delay from the point of signed proposal to the mid-week strategy call. I think the total time between discussing my issue with Levi (voted most awesome person in 2013) to my conference with Doug and Ken was 1 week. I wish that process could have been more streamlined.

Overall my experience with Excelisys was total satisfaction! I look forward to a long lasting relationship with this amazing group. I wish all companies found on the internet exceeded expectations as Excelisys has done.

Kristi Rowley
RPJ Records
RPM Products
Rufus Warren
Run Networks

Run Networks

Thank you, Excelisys I would definitely recommend you again!

After troubleshooting my WordPress website for days, I finally brought in eXcelisys and they had it resolved quickly.

Thank you, Excelisys I would definitely recommend you again!

Brandon Gordon
Rx Stat, Inc.
S & K Label Company Company
S&G Company Group
Safegaurd Your Sight
SAI Systems Technologies
Salisbury Associates
Salk Institute for Biological Sciences

Salk Institute

It's nice to work with a company who is so experienced with FileMaker Pro and who are true experts with the application.

With constant changes in the ebb and flow of data in and out FileMaker Pro and its connections to the Web, ODBC, and other external connections, it is good to have a team who are up on the latest developments and who know how to clearly layout expectations.

I can't wait to work with them in FileMaker Pro 12 when it comes out!

Sergio Cruz
Sani-Vac Service
Santa Fe Mountain Center

Santa Fe Mountain Center

We would recommend eXcelisys to anyone who needs responsive and efficient technological help!

eXcelisys helped our organization become more efficient by helping us with our FileMaker Pro application.

They listened diligently to our needs, goals, and objectives and customized responsive solutions. They helped make what might otherwise be a confusing and frustrating process become simple and streamlined in a way that helped our organization be more effective.

Why do it yourself, if you can leave it to the pros? eXcelisys are the pros!

Tony Dixon
Scan Sound, Inc.
Scenic Farms Nursery LLC
Scenic Stage Line, Inc.
Schenberger Taylor MrCormick & Jecker Inc
Scherer Studio, Inc.
Schneider Tree Care
SCS Credit Corp
Selective Mutism Research Institute
Seminars on DVD
Semper International LLC
Sheepcreek Landowners Association
Shipman Pediatrics, LLC
Sigma Marketing
Sign Outlet Store
Silicon Hills Design, Inc.
Silver Valley USD
Simplified Software
SingleHop Inc.
SingleSource Inc
Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

eXcelysis has provided our organization with outstanding remote technical support for many years. They are responsive, helpful, and always pleasant to deal with.

Kurt Kippel and Duane Weller always provide speedy and eXcellent service. They always respond to requests in a short time and are happy to provide ongoing guidance and assistance.

They are friendly and efficient. They have worked hard to provide assistance and have been patient and supportive with our staff all of whom are not particularly tech savvy. The service is a bit eXpensive for us, but we have judged the value to be high nonetheless, and I do not feel that hours are ever wasted. They use time judiciously.

We are fortunate to consider them an integral component of our IT infrastructure.

Ben Shockey
Sitka Community Schools

Sitka Community Schools

Excelisys is a remarkable team who are as invested in the outcome of your project as you are. In the short term, you get the results you need. In the long term, you have a partner familiar with your business and your database and ready to jump in as your needs evolve. They inspire confidence.

I think the feeling that I was making the right choice going with y’all came from my first connection with you, Levi. From an initial web search for Filemaker Developers, all companies pretty much make the same promises, but that initial engagement, feeling like you were really investing the time to get to know me and what I was trying to do, really set Exelisys apart.

And Doug is wonderful. We worked through the project and he gave me something that I could work with very quickly. I had some high stakes goals for launching the system and Doug put himself on standby to make sure everything went smoothly. That’s exceptional service. And it is great to know that when I need to tweak something, or when something that normally works doesn’t in a certain situation, Doug will respond quickly with either the steps I need to take, or jump under the hood to get things working again.

I really like the system that we have for working on the database – Doug has Dropbox access to my database, so if needed he can go right in there and work on it. More often, though, he tests a solution, then gets online with me to show me how to implement it.

Matthew Turner
SLG Publishing
Slim & Save
Snyder Langston, LLC
Social Studies School Service

Social Studies School Service

eXcellent partner, always finding ways to accommodate our needs and recommend the best possible path!

eXcelisys has been an eXcellent partner for several of our current projects, from mapping our data for our new website to helping us with our overall data management strategy for our catalogs and websites.

Luis Castro
Society of Broadcast Engineers
SoftBotz Software Studio
Software to fit LLC

Software to fit LLC

Easy and fast, good work!

From my view you listened to what I wanted and wrote it down or it was on the message board so it was written down.

I had so many people in other companies listen and then not do anything I said. So I got everything I wanted.

I can’t gauge yet how the users will respond as this will take some time. But I got what I wanted. I try stuff and if it works out or not is a bi product that I know is an unknown. So I got what I wanted and it will help me with an unknown.

I am a very tough person to deal with. And sometimes I don’t even know what I want until a week later. So it is hard dealing with that and trying to solve unknowns and knowing I had better get it right because money is being spent.

Yes, I got what I wanted.

Steve Fuchs
Soleiman Appraisal Inc.
Soukup Studios

Soukup Studios

eXcelisys is helping me to collect all my data (digital and physical) into one clean and organized system that can be cross referenced--the perfect solution for me!

My system is on the simple side as I am a one-man shop. It's helping me organize my work/inventory, contacts, selling venues and any activities that intersect the two. It's doing everything I could ask for.

I appreciate a company willing to help a small potato business such as mine. Getting help setting up a custom system has been invaluable. The staff has been knowledgeable, friendly, patient (with a non-tech kind of person) and all-around great to work with.

Jill Soukup
Sound Kitchen Studios
Southern Medical Association
Specialized Liftruck Services
Spectrum Digital Services, LLC
SpecVet Inc.
Sphinx Music Competition Organization
Sphinx Organization
Spitfire Ventures, Inc.
Sport Graphics
Spring Inc.


eXcelisys quickly cut to the root of various critical problems and promptly fixed them after many others tried and failed.

The cost was high, but not nearly as high as the cost of having my website be insecure, inaccessible and with several mission-critical plug-ins disabled.

To elaborate, the core of the problem had to do with code errors on the host server, Bluehost. Bluehost tried and failed to resolve them, as did several consultants. Thus, I was forced to switch hosts, always a near-death experience owing to the many problems (file transfer, email etc.) that arise from such transitions.

eXcelisys methodically worked through these problems and made everything work. It wasn't easy, but they succeeded where others before them failed miserably while claiming to have succeeded. Put differently: If you own a Ferrari don't ask a Ford mechanic to fix it.

These guys are the top of the mountain when it comes to fixing seemingly intractable problems.

David M. Roth
ssn Business PlarnWritters (ssnBizPW)
St Joseph County Public Library
Stafford Media Solutions
StatenIslandCars.Com, LLC
Stearns Financial Services Group
Stepstone, Inc.
Sterling America
Stevens & Associates, Inc.
Stones Phones
Strada Properties
Strategic Internet Solutions, Inc.
String Season
Strong Reporting
Strong Systems International, Inc.
Sturm Foods, Inc.
Sulpher Springs Unified School District
Sundog Productions
Sunkist Graphics
Sunrise Ventures
Superbolt, Inc.
Surecraft Supply, Inc.
Swensen, Inc
Sylvain Rocheleau
Symtech Solar Group, Ltd.
T & Z Armory
Tag 100 Limited
Tahoe Mountain Resorts
Tannous Innovations
TC Ranch
Teen Reach
Teknic, Inc.

Teknic, Inc.

Consummate professionals who calmly dissected the problems and produced some innovative solutions...

eXcelisys has a talented group of software consultants. We used them for a custom database program that was efficiently completed by a single developer.

The level of communication regarding timelines, deadlines and action items with our assigned consultant was outstanding. As with any large software project, we ran into some issues early on – our developer was the consummate professional who calmly dissected the problems and produced some innovative solutions to keep things moving along.

Their pricing model is also reasonable and fair. We will have no qualms about using them in the future – I do highly recommend them.

Abe Amirana
Teleclip, Inc.
Telecom Namibia
Texas 4-H
Texas Advertising & Consulting
Texas Association of Community Schools

Texas Association of Community Schools

eXcellent service. No one could fix the problem I had. eXcelisys fixed my BIG problem in a timely manner.

eXcelisys told me exactly what they would do and they got FileMaker Pro back to working.

I am on a very tight budget and they are honest with their hours and labor. They are proficient in FileMaker Pro.

I will continue to keep them on contract. They are eXcellent!

Linda Valk
Texas Bidding
Texas School of Professional Photography

Texas School of Professional Photography

I would highly recommend using the Excelisys team for any FileMaker Pro projects!

Our previous developer was never as responsive as Excelisys has been. They took our ideas and implemented them wonderfully into our project.

Don Dickson
Textbook Konnect Company
The A Team
The Actors’ Network
The Burton Corporation
The Cadman Group
The Center for Touch Drawing
The Change Companies
The Dispute Center
The Enterprise School
The Exploratorium
The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies
The Flynn Group
The Grand Lodge of Kentucky
The Hitching Post & Old Country Store
The Hoffman Group, LLC
The Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
The Montessori Academy
The Music Phone Book
The Pacific Whale Foundation
The Product Factory

The Product Factory

Attentive and proactive the entire way through the project.

Kurt & David made a really great team for us.

We were looking to fix a completely broken asset tracking system to put something more robust into place.

Some of my ideas were not the most practical and these guys were able to understand what we were ultimately looking for, provide sound advice and deliver on a great product.

Quinn Zerfas
The Sign Outlet Store
The Son King
The Sparks Co.
The Traveler’s Guide
The Universal Church
The University of Chicago
The University of Chicago NSIT Procurement Center
The Waterbrook Group LLC
The Works Sports Academy of Orange County
The ZimaBlue Company
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific

A team that is very responsive and reliable, not to mention, super friendly.

Over the past 6 years, I've worked on Projects with Ken (FM application) and Duane (Web). I'm a part-time FileMaker developer at work but to do my busy schedule, I haven't been able to keep up on the new features and solutions that FileMaker has to offer.

We utilize FileMaker quite a bit and Ken is definitely my 2nd eye for quick solutions that I'm unable to see right away or if one of my scripts are not working the way it's supposed to. He's also there to help me when I don't have the time for small solutions. Duane has helped me with the web based solutions but we haven't utilized it to the fullest potential.

Prior to eXcelisys, I worked with another consulting company that I had to wait for hours if not days for a reply and/or solution. After the last project with them, I decided it was time to look for another company and found eXcelisys. It's been great since then.

Cindy Nguyen
This American Life/WBEZ Allaince
Thomas F. RuBane, Attorney at Law
Thomas White, LLC

Thomas White, LLC

For me being fairly computer illiterate, the work Excelisys has done and their ability to explain made me very comfortable.

I enjoy working with the Excelisys staff.

There were some misunderstandings and problems in the first phase of this project, but through the cool-headedness of Christo, Kurt, and Duane we were able to communicate and negotiate a mutual conclusion and continue the project.

After about a year's lapse, we started modifications and upgrades, which have gone very smoothly. Your staff is very easy to work with, they respond quickly and I think are creative in their solutions.

In working up the estimates, I believe Duane was very creative in developing the solutions knowing our extremely limited development budget.

If I post something in their PM system, I know I will receive a response from Duane and/or Kurt very quickly, with good advice and suggestions. This current phase of the work has been most pleasant.

I look forward to working more with Excelisys!

Michael Tamme
Three Ring Service
Thunderwood Holdings
TI Services
Tiffany & Co.
Timothy Willingham, MD


It has been a pleasure working with the eXcelisys team. They elicit professionalism, efficiency and strong communication.

The eXcelisys team is currently helping us with a FileMaker Pro Specimen Tracker database project.

Paul and Kurt are thorough and detail-oriented. They communicate well and respond in a timely manner to ensure that our needs are met. They have gone up and beyond to assist us with improving another database that was designed by another company.

We certainly made the right choice in switching over to eXcelisys. This team comes highly recommended!

Stacy Carlos
Todd Allen Design, Inc.
Tonya Regiro
Top Dog Shirts
Top O Texas Football Magazine (Design Flair Graphics and Publishing)
Touchstone Innovare
Trac/Pay Secure LLC
Transmission Experts
Travel Nurse across America, LLC
Traveler Discount Guide
Traxion Engineered Products
Treadway Meetings and Adventures
TreeKeeper LLC
Triangle Graphics
Trofholz Technologies, Inc.
Truly Nolen
TRW Innovations, LLC

TRW Innovations, LLC

Processing these orders is so much easier thanks to Excelisys. I can’t sing your praises enough. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for your company and Doug!

I am extremely happy with my decision to go with Execlisys. I have been working with Doug West for the past few weeks and find him to be very knowledgeable and a wonderful communicator.

He is satisfying all my needs for this Database project.

We have built a very productive relationship when it comes to my BizTracker file. I work with his improved BizTracker file for a couple of days, then I create a series of questions or or ask him to explain why some procedure works or doesn't work. He replies, always within the same day, and sometimes within the same hour.

My questions are answered my confusion with an issue is clarified and I feel ready to move on with more improvements.

My BizTracker file is becoming so customized that I find myself excited to work with it.

When I look back at over 4 pages of correspondence on basecamp I am amazed at how far we have come on this project.

I am very satisfied with your firm and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get control of their company's data.

Deb Westman
TSmart, LLC

TSmart, LLC

The team at eXcelisys is professional in every way!

I have been a Filemaker developer for 20 years. The solution named, "Connect," I started making 6 months ago needed expertise beyond mine. Ken, an eXcelisys developer, and my technical hero, has added the necessary final touches necessary to take Connect to the market place.

Thank You Ken and the entire eXcelysis team for your eXpertise and your professionalism. I could not have done it without eXcelysis!

Steve Lehman
Ultra Count
UND du Lac
Unique Travels & Tours, Inc.
United Pacific Electronics, Inc.
United States Justice Associates
Univ. of MD Institute of Human Virology
Universal Marketing Group
Universal Marketing Media, Inc.
Universal UniLink
University of Calgary, Engineering Stores

University of Calgary

The project was handled in a very professional and timely manner.

It was quite a learning experience for myself, as I felt it wasn't a very big job but soon learned that even small jobs aren't as small as we may think they are.

Rob did a great job in setting up the process of receiving and returning cylinders which was totally different from the way we had been thinking about how it should work. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective and look at how to solve a problem.

Graeme Lawson
University of California San Diego – Early Academic Outreach Program
University of Nebraska Medical Center (IAS)
University of Oklahoma – Sam Noble Museum
Uptown Spirits

Uptown Spirits

Excelisys has been very responsive, addressed the requirements of my project with careful consideration, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all the work so far guys!

Experience so far has been positive!

From a development perspective I think I underestimated the hours that would be required to complete the base level of this project, but that's not something I can really fault you guys with.

The only other issue from a customer and cost-benefit direction is the role of the project manager given that this is a smaller project (dedicated to one developer).

It would be nice to have a better idea of who is responsible for what aspect of the project and also to prevent any duplication of effort. Just me nit picking but having both the developer and project manager tutoring me on creating layouts in the shell files seems a bit overkill.

Overall though, I'd say Excelisys has been very responsive, addressed the requirements of my project with careful consideration and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all the work so far guys!

Mike MacKinnon
US Borax Incorporated
USAI Lighting
Utah Fire and Rescue Academy
Valley Boys, Inc
Valley Lea Labroatories
Valley View CUSD 365U
Van Bokkelen Agency
Vandelay Capital Inc
Vanity Events Holding, Inc.
Varsity Drinking
Vertical Sky Productions
Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

Fast, reliable and amazing problem solvers.

eXcelysis was invaluable when it came to re-designing our website in addition to all of the extra “work arounds” they had to create in order for our membership platform, “Your Membership”, to work seamlessly with WordPress.

We could not have done it as quickly or as proficiently without Fred Morgan and the eXcelisys team. They are by far the best IT company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

Kelli Albarado, CMP
VI Professionals

VI Professionals

The website was up and running, and was a hit the first day of the conference! They saved the day again even under the most extreme pressure.

Once again we went to Excelisys in panic mode!

We just opened a subsidiary company and we were invited to sponsor a conference and by doing so we knew we would get an extreme amount of exposure. We knew we had to get a new website designed and up and running.

We contacted Christo and Kurt and informed them of what we thought was going to be the impossible and we were ready for the worse.

Because of our past experience, we should have known better. They immediately put me in touch with Katie and she designed it beautifully and exactly like we spoke of in only one conversation.

The website was up and running, and was a hit the first day of the conference! They saved the day again even under the most extreme pressure.

Deborah Finn
Victory Publishing Company, LLC
Viejas Enterprises
VillTech Corp.
Vintage Airstream Club
Viola Kanevsky, O.D., P.L.L.C.
Virginia Optimal Health
Vistage Florida
Wally Byam Caravan Club International
Watches On Net, Inc.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Wayne County, NY

Wayne County, NY

Does NOT move at the speed of Government! eXceptional service!

The ease of being able to connect with the staff and stay up to date with constant contact means a lot to me. That way I know that they understand what I want and what I am looking for with my website.

Matt Burghdorf
WBEZ Alliance, Inc.
Wedel & Associates, Inc.
West Coast Green
Western Printing Equipment Company
Wherry Associates
Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio
Wick Communications
Wiener Schiller Productions Incorporated
Wild Pete Publishing
Will-Drill Resources, Inc.
William J. Chase
Williamsburg Furniture, Inc.
Windchimes by Russco III, Inc

WomanTours, Inc.

Excelisys was great at creating a FileMaker Pro solution for us from the ground up. They anticipated what we needed and got it up and running.

We were using a very old version of FileMaker database to keep track of our bike tours and registrations. It was proprietary and we were not able to make any changes to the system ourselves, yet it was completed outdated on an old version of FileMaker.

Excelisys created a new solution for us called Tour Tracker on a current version of FileMaker and did a great job of migrating our old data to the new solution. We’ve had few and minor problems with our current system since it’s been implemented and have been very happy with it.

Jackie Marchand
Woody Digital/Athens Pulmonary and Allergy, P.C.
Words & Numbers
Working Women, Inc.
Works Advertising
World Hardwood Reports, LLC
Worldwide Hideout, Inc.
XRAM LTD, DBA: Landfall
Yellowstone Log Homes
Yoga Journal
Young Life Trail West Lodge
Yundrae’s Inc.
Zenith Travel
Ziracore, Inc.
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