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Do you need a simple data containment solution? A comprehensive end to end business solution? Does it need to integrate with other systems? Do you need full scale development? A little stop gap help? Consulting? Define what you need and we’ll follow your lead. How we help is up to you.

Excelisys has been forging software friendships since 2001.  Some refer to us as “Technical Translators of Software Solutions” or “the Siri of Software”. We humbly prefer to think of ourselves as the “Software Whisperers”.

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Design and Development

When commercial software solutions just don’t do it for your organization, let our top-notch software design and development pros build the right business application, customized to meet your wildest desires! We can customize your web, mobile, and desktop application to work the way you work ~ fast and efficiently! Let’s discuss your software solution needs today!

Consulting and Coaching

You know your business inside and out, but determining which software best serves your business can be a daunting task! Maybe you tried developing your own solution in-house, and it came up short. Count on Excelisys – whether you just need a little hand-holding ~ or a lot! We’re here for you with experience, advice, and coaching for your ideal software solution.

Support and Maintenance

Let’s face it: stuff breaks, links don’t always link and those pesky internet goblins invade at the most inopportune time. When errors need to be addressed, bad code needs taming, or things don’t work like they used to, leave it to us to put your Humpty Dumpty back together again. We can rebuild, better, stronger, faster…

Updates and Enhancements

Security updates that used to happen once in a blue moon now seem like a weekly or even a daily occurrence! Or maybe you have some old code beneath your web site or software application that could be modernized to conform to new standards and practices. Has the ole “wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if-we-could” feature list grown to the point of “it-can’t-wait-any-longer”? We have helped 1000’s of folks, just like you, with their software stuff. From websites and web applications to FileMaker Pro database solutions, we help maintain their ability to stay agile by providing tweaks and streamlining old processes and code to improve efficiency. Aside from custom development, this is another one of our fortes. We love making things work better! Let us roll up our sleeves and whip that old stuff into shape for you!

Migrations and Conversions

When you’ve tapped the power of Excel as far as it can take you and you’re ready to move to a relational database… When you can’t access Access anymore and you are ready to slide into a more robust and user-friendly database framework like FileMaker Pro… When you have to move information from here to there and can’t afford a hiccup…. When that old static website needs to be updated to a more modern responsive content management system like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal… When shifting from old to new software and you still want to be able to access legacy data… Yeah, we do that.


Diverse business activities often result in an array of unique software applications, each powerful in their own sphere but crippled by poor communication with other software vital to your business.

Adding power to each keystroke, magnifying its ability to produce greater results with less effort…that’s what we do. Whether it’s creating an interface with shipping services such as UPS, FedEx and UPS, or intertwining telephony and database records to create powerful prep, process and reporting tools, streamlining effort can mean the difference between being profitable and not.

Let’s face it. Sometimes software just doesn’t play nicely together. We invite all of your software buddies into the same sandbox and seamlessly integrate WordPress with FileMaker with Magento eCommerce with WooCommerce or ZenCart (to name a few) into efficient solutions that make sense for your business. We help your software systems serve you instead of the other way around.

When you have two systems needing to act as one…if your desktop applications need to fluidly share info with online or mobile application solutions… whether it’s sharing calendars, accounting or other productivity tools, when this needs to work with that… That’s where we really shine!

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