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Consulting and Coaching Services

An experienced consultant is an efficient one.

logo-wheelTrying to determine which software will best serve your business can result in a daunting and costly game of trial and error! The Excelisys team can refine the options, based on your goals and budget, saving you time and money. Our extensive experience positions us to offer unbiased and beneficial guidance with database consulting, business application consulting, business software coaching, and general hand-holding when you’re just trying to figure out which way to move forward.

Or maybe you’ve tried developing your own solution in-house and you’re stuck, or things are not quite up to snuff. Perhaps you need a sounding board to help brainstorm a solution. Or you need someone to just take it off your plate and git ‘er done.

From offering encouragement to see you through or gentle re-direction, or doing the actual heavy lifting, the software solution consultants at Excelisys draw on years of experience to help solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Whether providing high-level strategic counsel, or offering suggestions for tweaks and minor repairs, you will receive timely advice and responsive direction from industry experts.

Database Consulting and Coaching Services

FileMaker Pro Consultant: We understand that sometimes you just need an ear to bend, or a helping hand with your FileMaker Pro project. Truth is, we’ve used FileMaker Pro in so many diverse business applications you’d be a fool not to use and abuse us, so bring it!

MySQL Consultant: Our MySQL database consultants can help you with your IT investments, increase operational efficiencies, drive down costs and secure vital data. Whether your business is looking for a remote DBA, MySQL assistance with set up or recovery, or improved solution efficiency, our MySQL consultants are good friends to know…

Website- Web Application Consulting and Coaching Services

Whether you need a new website or web application, or need to improve your existing web solution, we can help. And while there are plenty of cool tools to give you a jump-start, sometimes they can be quirky or downright obstinate. We’ve been playing with these tools for some time and know their limits. Maybe your best option is a custom web solution. Let’s discuss and see what will best serve both your short- and long-term goals.

WordPress Consulting: WordPress is easy to use and implement, so much so that 22% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress. That’s not even counting the sites that have been redesigned using WordPress! But there are tricks that really release its power… and we know ’em! But is it what you really need or want? How do you know?

Joomla Consulting: Joomla has its moments.  Yes, it has more stuff than WordPress, but can be a challenge, and it has more moving parts than the Bay City Bombers rollerblade team.  So, is it overkill  or the perfect fit for your business.  How do you know?

e-Commerce Consulting: Need some sort of purchasing option?  Would that be Magento? WooCommerce? ZenCart? Which is best for you and why? How do you know?

Which CMS is best? Might be none of the already-produced products above. You might need a complete customized web application with PHP and MySQL….but how do you know?

When you have questions and answers seem elusive, count on the experienced and knowledgeable Excelisys team.  Then you will know!

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