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Passion, Pride, and Persistence…

design and development application logosWhen it comes to custom application design and development for solutions to to use on the desktop, web, and mobile platforms, our mantra is simple: Meet the challenge with passion, pride, and persistence.

We’ve heard endless stories of businesses trapped in the mire created by well-intentioned but under-skilled database application developers and web application developers. The development may only be partially finished, have many bugs, or make work less efficient. The result becomes much more costly in the long run than the eXpected cost savings.

In contrast, eXcelisys is an established, been-there-done-that professional custom database application, custom website, and custom web application design and development company. We often fix or replace these desktop, mobile, and web database-driven solutions.

Custom Database Application Design and Development

database-design-development-services-excelisysDo you envision ever-expanding possibilities for your business but find yourself stumbling in your attempts to harness the information needed to make it a reality? We regularly receive calls from frustrated business owners who can’t find a competent custom database development team to make a database solution that actually matches the reality of their business’ needs. And that’s when we roll up our sleeves.

Our custom database and web development is exactly that: CUSTOM.

Excelisys has been providing custom database development services using FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and a wide range of other database platforms for as long as these platforms have existed. Our custom database development pros have grown with these platforms, learned their ins and outs, and have surfed the front edge of important changes and evolutions.

This grassroots engagement has allowed the database developers at Excelisys to provide an array of creative solutions to our clients’ information management challenges. The diversity of our client base from Great Falls Public Schools, the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, to ASAP Aquatics, to name a few, means our consultants and developers aren’t creating cookie-cutter software, but instead custom solutions to unique situations.

Custom Website and Web Application Design and Development

Excelisys’ team of website and web application designers and developers have produced robust, highly functional, aesthetically beautiful website applications for a wide array of clients. Our custom WordPress sites allow clients to have their business online quickly with the option of taking control themselves.

Or perhaps MySQL, PHP, or CodeIgniter would better serve your purposes for the more complex and advanced website or web apps. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to create an effective online presence.


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