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Custom Database Design and Development

eXcelisys’ forte for the last 15 years is custom database design and database development for desktop, mobile, and web deployment strategies. We are well versed database developers using technologies like FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, just to name a few.
We adhere to an agile database design and development philosophy and use best practices to design and build customized database solutions that are eXcellently architected, and intuitive for your end-users which minimizes end-user training and usability to a maximum.
eXcelisys’ database developers are located in the USA and we do not contract to off-shore development companies. eXcelisys provides reliable, clean, and efficient database solutions built upon durable database frameworks that provide the best environment for a database application’s continuance and scalability.

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Why companies, organizations, and people choose eXcelisys’ custom database development services;
  • Use of reliable open-source and proprietary database frameworks
  • Broad spectrum of eXperience with business use-case & workflow
  • Agile development philosophy
  • Intuitive interface design, Great GUI!
  • USA based database developers
  • Problem solving oriented goals

Only The Best Database Development and Custom Database Design Will Do

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Do you envision ever-eXpanding possibilities for your business but find yourself stumbling in your attempts to harness the information needed to make it a reality? We regularly receive calls from frustrated folks who can’t find a competent custom database development team to make a database solution that actually matches the reality of their needs. And that’s when we roll up our sleeves.

Our custom database development is eXactly that: CUSTOM. NOT CANNED.

eXcelisys’ database programmers have been providing custom database design and development services using a wide range of well-known open source and proprietary database frameworks that have had a wide user-base for as long as these platforms have eXisted. Our custom database design team has have grown with these technologies, learned their ins and outs, and have surfed the front edge of important changes and evolutions.

We LOVE What We Do, and it Shows!

This grassroots engagement has allowed the database developers at eXcelisys to provide an array of creative solutions to our clients’ information management challenges. The diversity of our client base from Great Falls Public Schools, the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, to ASAP Aquatics, to name a few, means our database developers aren’t creating cookie-cutter software, but instead custom solutions to unique situations.

Database Maintenance, Support, and Repair Services

eXcelisys’ comprehends that a company’s database systems are crucial to their business and competitive edge in the marketplace. Uptime of 100% is the goal and we pride ourselves on providing quick response if something goes wrong. You have access to your team almost 24/7 through our client/project management system and by phone. If your current database solution is eXperiencing some technical difficulties, whether we built it or not, we can quickly assess and address most issues same-day or within 24 hours.

Database Application Support and Maintenance Services;
  • Corruption correction
  • Server troubleshooting
  • Data loss
  • Back ups
  • New functionality
  • Data normalization
  • Migrations and conversions
  • Code clean up
  • Data export/import
  • Database integration with other systems
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