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Website and Database Support and Maintenance Services

logo-wheelWe’ve all been stuck on those websites or in database applications where the creator got it just the way they wanted once upon a time and then it was never updated. You’re left facing broken links, PHP or db errors, faulty reports, and buttons to nowhere. It’s frustrating.

Effective and productive websites and database applications require regular maintenance and updates. Technologies improve, work-flows change, and security is constantly in flux. Sure, you can try to do it yourself, but where does the time necessary for you to address come from with your already overloaded schedule? Isn’t your time best spent on your business?

Let us do what we’re best at: website maintenance and database application support. We can design, refine and revive the best of ‘em! See for yourself!

Database Support and Maintenance Services

Have you inherited a database you know nothing about? Were you abandoned by your database developers, left to maintain and troubleshoot it on your own? Has your current database services and support providers not quite met your needs?

Database application solutions require regular maintenance to run smoothly. It’s not unusual to see databases over 2GB decrease in size by more than 75% after cleaning log files and optimizing tables.

Database maintenance involves checking for signs of corruption, looking for problem areas, rebuilding indexes, removing duplicate records and repairing abnormalities. A database that is not maintained can become sluggish, and cause problems with everyday use. Database backups, data recovery, solution clean up, and database optimization are services expertly managed on a regular basis by Excelisys .

  • Custom or scheduled data backups
  • Data recovery, clean up and optimization
  • Log file interpretation and management
  • Disk space and database table recovery
  • Removing duplicate records and repairing abnormalities
  • Improve workflow logistics
  • Adding or updating features, functionality, and reports
  • Updating or adding reports

Website Maintenance and Support Services

Broken links? Getting bad WC3 reports? Website or web application not responsive? Weird error codes? Web database throwing weird messages and not connecting? Forms not working? Web pages won’t load? Been hacked? Is it just plain broke!

Whether it’s simple tweaks, more in-depth repairs or enhancements or a complete redesign, you’ve come to the right place for website help. Our website maintenance and support services team can tame those gremlins!

  • Additional functionality
    • Real-time inventory management
    • eCommerce integration
    • Chat services
    • Auto responders
  • Adjustments to meet new feature requirements
  • Incorporate web forms
  • Web database integration
  • CSS modifications
  • Server moves
  • Rescue from hack attacks.
  • Tweaks to existing websites
    • Update images and text
    • Content updates
    • Repair or update existing code
    • Additional web pages
  • Security audits
  • Performance profiling & troubleshooting
  • WordPress theme installation and configuration
  • WordPress security audits and updates
  • WordPress plugin installation, configuration, & support
  • Joomla! template installation and configuration
  • Joomla! security audits and updates
  • Joomla! extension installation, configuration, & support
  • MySQL database administration & support
  • Shopping cart installation, configuration, & support
  • eCommerce support
  • Security patch installation
  • Web application troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Magento support
  • Drupal support
  • PostgreSQL database administration & support
  • Responsive website maintenance & support
  • Mobile web application maintenance & support
  • Content generation

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