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Website and Database Migrations and Conversions

Birds do it.  Nomadic tribes do it, too.  So what’s the big deal about migrating  a static HTML website to a new WordPress platform or CMS… or from the limitations from an old spreadsheet to a new database application?  No biggie, right?

Not at all….unless you’re at all concerned about losing all your legacy information and connections established while using the old product!

So what are you supposed to do:  live with outdated products and systems, or risk doing the migration or conversion yourself?

Wise folks enlist the services of the experienced team at Excelisys…so relax and focus on the core of your business and let us do the voo-doo that we do oh so well.

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Database Solution Migrations and Conversions

Sometimes migrating from older db technologies and spreadsheets to a relational db solution like FileMaker Pro or MySQL is real simple, and sometimes a conversion can make the strongest mind assume a fetal position.  There’s no magic wand, just experience.  And we’re experienced.

When a business need arises the usual approach is to create a fairly simple homegrown solution. As that solution becomes more mission critical, the business demands often outgrow the capability of the solution. Eventually it is time to replace it by migrating it to a newer version or converting it to a more powerful custom solution.

Sometimes a migration is simple, sometimes it is very complicated. This is where our expert database migration and conversion experts come in. They can provide guidance and complete the upgrade in the most efficient and effective manner so that it meets your growing needs now and in the future.

Website and Web Application Migrations and Conversions

You start with a simple website to present your organization to the world. Whether you built it yourself or hired a developer, business is dynamic, and so should be your website. That means as your business grows and changes, so should the way you advertise it publicly. Your website may simply need to stay updated with the newest versions of the web technology with which it was built or it may be time to move to a more capable and dynamic web technology.

Because of coding methods, sometimes a migration is simple and other times it is very complicated. If any data migration is involved that will automatically complicate the process. Our expert developers can help assess the code to determine the most efficient upgrade option to maximize the technology improvements and get the job done right.

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