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Let’s GO Mobile!

FileMaker GO Mobile App Development

FileMaker Go mobile app is a free app client from FileMaker® that runs FileMaker Pro solutions on iPads and iPhones. FileMaker Go mobile apps will run the custom business solutions we have developed for you that we have created with FileMaker Pro.

With a FileMaker Go mobile app we can help your mobile users do all this and more:

  • Close sales deals faster by uploading signed contracts from the road.
  • Update project status and task lists from the job site to keep everyone on track and up to date.
  • Log research results in the field and send
  • Real-time updates to the lab.
  • Scan bar codes in the warehouse to instantly update inventory levels on the sales floor.
  • Collect patient data in the examination room for immediate access by doctors and nurses.

Add, edit, search, sort and report on data using FileMaker Go to instantly boost productivity.

  • Scan bar codes to instantly see associated data appear in the appropriate fields.
  • Capture signatures while on the go.
  • Add photos, videos and audio from your device directly to your database with a few taps.
  • Create executive dashboard summaries so key indicators and business metrics are always at hand.
  • Print report and forms over the air directly from your iPad or iPhone using AirPrint.
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FBA FileMaker Platinum Partner

eXcelisys is one of the select few FileMaker Consultants to be bestowed with the title of  FBA FileMaker Platinum Partner. The eXcelisys FileMaker development team has earned this prestigious and valuable precious metal moniker of “FileMaker Platinum Partner” within the FBA through hard work and dedication to being the best FileMaker Pro developers for our clients, the FileMaker Pro community,
and our undying commitment to our clients who retain our FileMaker pro consultants.

• Excelisys has been an FBA member since 2002 • Has been a FileMaker certified developer since version 7 •
• Awarded the FBA FileMaker Platinum Partner designation in 2014 •

Image of FileMaker FBA Platinum Partner FileMaker certified logos

Platinum members of the FileMaker Business Alliance are nominated by FileMaker Business Account Managers or Regional Managers.

Additional FileMaker Pro consulting requirements, over and above standard FBA requirements,
that FileMaker consultant platinum partners must meet for Platinum level FileMaker developer consideration:

  • Invited, interviewed, and approved by FileMaker, Inc.
  • Minimum of 2 FileMaker developers staff that develop on the FileMaker Platform
  • Employ at least one full-time certified FileMaker developer
  • Track record of joint-selling with FileMaker, Inc. sales teams
  • Assist customers that are new to FileMaker Pro
  • Successful FileMaker consulting engagements from multiple clients
  • Complete annual business plan agreement
  • Attend the FBA meetings/webinars

FileMaker Go Mobile Solutions

animated gif image of filemaker go mobile solutionsWe tend to lean more towards task oriented FileMaker Go mobile solutions versus trying to make full blown FileMaker Pro solutions “mobile”. That does’t mean we won’t or don’t – we have just come to the realization through experience that mobile devices can be cumbersome when trying to replicate the full functionality and screen real estate that a desktop solution tends to give the end-users.

As one of the most-preferred FileMaker GO mobile application development firms in the whole wide world — as well as a top-rated developer of a wide range of mobile applications — Excelisys has the expertise to make extending your database solutions to mobile devices a complete success. Designing and developing mobile-friendly applications requires an in-depth understanding of the performance and scripting constraints of FileMaker Go. Excelisys has assisted several clients produce and implement a mobile FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go game-plan that dodges the inevitable pitfalls in all types of mobile projects.

Small Sampling of Some of our FileMaker GO Mobile App Software Savviness:

  • Warehouse and Field Inventory Apps
  • Mobile Ordering Apps
  • Mobile POS Solutions
  • iPad Aviation Flight Check
  • iPad Rental Check In/Check Out
  • iPad and iPhone Field Service Repair
  • Delivery Confirmation App
  • iPhone GEO Discovery
  • iPad Real Estate
  • Insurance OSHA Inspection
  • iPad Land Survey Mobile Solution
  • Equipment Resource and Location iPad Mobile Solution
  • Agriculture Dealer Feed Mix and Ordering Mobile Application for iPad
  • Roofing Damage Evaluation/Estimating/Job & Materials Tracking

The FileMaker Products Family

image of FileMaker's FileMaker Pro logo

FileMaker Pro

Image of FileMaker's FileMaker Pro Advanced product logo

FileMaker Pro Advanced

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FileMaker Go

Image of FileMaker's FileMaker Server product logo

FileMaker Server

Image of FileMaker's FileMaker Web Direct product logo

FileMaker Web Direct

FileMaker Pro Services

Our Team Does It Right!

eXcelisys is a FileMaker certified developer. Our talented FileMaker development team offers a comprehensive set of FileMaker Pro consulting services to our clients, and often contributes tips, tricks and articles for the betterment of the FileMaker community at large. You can check out (and even download if you desire) some of our genius-inspired FileMaker samples and FileMaker templates here.

In fact, FileMaker, Inc. trusted us as a FileMaker Pro services company so much that they selected eXcelisys to develop the “FileMaker Business Tracker” back when FileMaker Pro 7 was introduced! The FileMaker Business Tracker was a solution for tracking every aspect of business—from customers and sales, to inventory and invoices. Since then, eXcelisys has revved up that FileMaker template/starter solution to the eX-BizTracker 5  and continues to offer professional FileMaker pro services for customization, integration, or any modifications you may require.

Our FileMaker Pro developers have crafted amazing custom FileMaker Pro database solutions on behalf of clients in almost every industry imaginable: fashion, finance, international publishing, marketing, and higher education, just to name a few. As FileMaker developers go, they’re among the elite of the elite.

So, if it’s FileMaker programing expertise you seek, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss how we can put our FileMaker Programmers to work on making your dream FileMaker Pro business solution a reality!

Why Choose FileMaker Pro?: The Objective Perspective

  • Custom themes — Modify and save changes to existing layout themes to match your exact business needs. Reuse or share these themes with your team.
  • Styles — Themes now have styles (sets of attributes like colors, fonts and text sizes applied to objects such as buttons, fields, and backgrounds) to give your solutions a consistent and professional look. Choose from predefined styles or create your own. Modify a style once and it changes everywhere.
  • Starter Solutions — The Contacts, Assets, Content Management and Invoices Starter Solutions have been entirely redesigned with a fresh look.
  • Field Picker — Drag and drop fields directly onto your layout with the new Field Picker. Includes convenient options for controlling field and label placement.
  • Control Object Visibility — Make your layouts more interactive by hiding or displaying objects, such as fields and buttons, based on a condition or calculation.
The ability to quickly create and run custom business solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web with minimal additional development sets the FileMaker platform apart for other development environments.
We often get asked “What if you get hit by a bus?” While we always take the extra precaution of looking both ways before crossing the street, there is always “that” chance. If we fall off the face of the planet, there are many other FileMaker Pro experts of our caliber that could step in. There is a very large community of FileMaker Pro developers, forums, and user-groups. We are not alone!
FileMaker, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, Inc. They have a responsibility to make sure their product is kept on the cutting edge and will work on the latest gadgets as they gain market share. FileMaker, Inc. has made some GREAT strides over the years to keep their products fresh, feature rich, faster, and able to run effectively on mobile platforms.
FileMaker Pro is a scalable platform for large, sophisticated database solutions, but is also great for piecing together early “proof-of-concept” versions of a solution. Startups and small business owners can efficiently curate themes/plugins/functionality to get their businesses up and running quickly, scaling their business solutions as their businesses grow.
Integration options are available for remote online systems and local business applications alike. External data sources in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL can be added to the structure of your solution as if they were local resources. Data sharing with local applications such as Outlook and QuickBooks can be automated to position your FileMaker solution as the hub of your mission-critical workflow.
FileMaker Pro is surprisingly easy to update for security and new functionality. When new versions become available (free to users with active maintenance agreements by the way), a notice will appear within the FileMaker Pro application and you can easily update everything with a few simple clicks.

If using FileMaker Pro Advanced, AES 256-bit encryption can be enabled to protect your data on a FileMaker Pro 13 and above client, or when hosted on FileMaker Server 13.

Even right off the shelf, FileMaker Pro provides a variety of built-in benefits that help establish a competitive advantage for your company over the thousands of other database platforms in your niche. The core of the FileMaker Pro platform is thoughtfully built with clean code, and is designed to handle record locking, fast searches over large data sets, and more!!

FileMaker Pro vs. …

We love FileMaker Pro for its flexibility and ease of use. It is easily expandable as your business grows and is pretty forgiving with the variety of techniques used to get work done. Its sweet spot is small to medium sized business needs, and when multiple systems need to communicate with each other. But just because we love it doesn’t mean it’s always the right tool for the job. Take a look at how it compares to the usual suspects to find the best choice for your needs.

Generally cool and useful features in FileMaker Pro:

  • Save as you type without needing to remember to click a submit button
  • Automatic record-locking to control editing
  • Cross platform: Mac, Windows, and iOS
  • Works on any device
  • Complex searching and sorting
  • Intuitive searching
  • Auto-complete field data entry
  • Signature capture and image capture directly into a field
  • Document storage and access in container fields
  • Easily connects to other data sources
  • Save as Excel
  • Import and export multiple file types
  • Data snapshots
  • Web viewers can incorporate websites into a database
  • Create functional databases without developer training
FileMaker Pro Microsoft Access
Cross-platform: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Web Windows only
5-user desktop app Up to 80 users may be able to share a desktop app
250 concurrent user access with server Must migrate to SQL Server
Browser-based access with WebDirect Browser-based web apps through SharePoint
Easy client/ installation Intensive server setup process
8 TB max file size 2 GB max file size without SQL Server
Themes for better user interface Application templates
Easy user modifications Programming knowledge required
File storage in container fields No native file storage
Internal reporting structure External report-writer required
No on-the-fly SQL query reporting SQL query reporting
Robust database security Limited database security
Fully customizable solutions Wizard-based app development from templates
Custom navigation Built-in navigation
FileMaker Pro Microsoft Excel
Customizable data control No enforced data integrity
Granular data security Easy to overwrite data or calculations
Intuitive custom user interface Basic spreadsheet format
Custom navigation Spreadsheet tab navigation
8 TB max file size 2 GB max file size
Unlimited record creation 1,048,576 record limit
Easy user modifications Programming knowledge required
Import data to populate multiple records and fields Copy/paste to put data in multiple locations
File storage in container fields No file storage
No on-the-fly SQL query reporting SQL query reporting
Multi-user access No simultaneous multi-user file sharing
Version control No versioning
Faster application speed Large or complex data sets are slow
Scripting to automate procedures Macros to automate procedures
Complex custom reporting Limited internal reporting capabilities
Simple charting capabilities Pivot tables
Relational database Data related only by hyperlinks
Easy user modifications Intuitive creation of complex spreadsheets
FileMaker Pro MySQL / PostgreSQL
Proprietary client app Compatible with a variety of web browsers
Cross platform development environment: Mac and Windows Cross platform and open source development environment: Mac, Windows, and Linux
Self-contained, integrated development environment for back end and front end development Back end for web apps or websites, must be accessed from separate front end user interface
Full-featured solutions Data container only
Licensing required for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and client connections Accessible from web browsers with no licensing requirements
Slower application speed Optimized speed for many user connections
Faster development – Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool Longer development cycles
Easy user modifications Most users unable to modify the database

Your search is over for an affordable real-deal and a true partner for consulting, design, custom development, maintenance, and enhancement of your database solution or web application!

eXcelisys will bring out the best in your business. Just give us a call at 1•866•592•9235 or fill out our Services Request Form for a free initial consultation and estimate. We look forward to working with ~ and for ~ you!


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