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Some customization and development work will require the skill of a WordPress developer,

eXcelisys WordPress website services empowers you to take control of your WordPress website, content, and online presence.

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Why Choose a WordPress Website?

A successful WordPress website should look great and be easy to maintain.

WordPress websites will give you the ability to update the various pages of your website such as news items, case studies, FAQs and any other types of content on your website. After launching your custom website, the WordPress platform empowers website owners to easily manage and maintain their own websites.
In addition to the freedom from licensing costs and restrictions, with WordPress, you get full access to the source code. This means that Excelisys developers can customize your site, adding nearly any features or functionality to WordPress, free from the restrictions of proprietary code or incompatible technologies.
Many web development companies provide “in-house content management systems.” These closed-source, proprietary solutions lock website owners in to using a specific company to edit, update and host their website–or to address important security vulnerabilities. WordPress, on the other hand, is a popular, open-source platform that millions of business websites use every day. As a result, millions of developers roll out new plugins, features and security updates every day that website owners can benefit from.
WordPress is constantly being updated and maintained. Developers all over the world are contributing to its continual improvement–all the time. WordPress is already a great platform, and it’s getting even better every day.
As well as a scalable platform for large, sophisticated websites, WordPress is great for piecing together early “proof-of-concept” versions of a website. Startups and small business owners can efficiently curate themes/plugins/functionality to get their businesses up and running quickly, scaling their sites as their businesses grow.
In the event your company grows and needs more server resources, or you decide to upgrade your brand with a new domain name, WordPress allows website owners to easily export their data in a format that is widely used and straightforward. A lack of data portability can prove to be a costly oversight years after your website launches.
WordPress is surprisingly easy to update for security and new functionality. When new versions are available (which are always free by the way), WordPress will give you a notification saying so. This also goes for plugins. When something needs updating on your website, WordPress will let you know and you can easily update everything in a few clicks.
Even right off the shelf, WordPress provides a variety of built-in SEO benefits that help establish a competitive advantage for your company over the thousands of other websites in your niche. The core WordPress platform is thoughtfully built with clean code, and is designed to promote your website content to search engines–automatically.

WordPress is our go-to website platform for nearly all of our front-end web projects — including this site!

• WordPress websites are the most popular content management systems.

• Powering over 80 million websites and 22% of the top 10 million websites.

• Many large (and small) companies trust WordPress to power their websites including; The New Yorker, Quartz, TechCrunch, Time, Fortune, NASA, IFC and even Beyoncé.

• WordPress offers flexibility, a huge support community, thousands of free plugins, lots of powerful themes, SEO advantages and ecommerce capabilities, and MOST importantly – it’s user-friendliness!

• WordPress websites are the ideal balance between ease of use and customization capability.

• WordPress websites are visually engaging, mobile-friendly and can be easily optimized for search engines.

• WordPress provides you with familiar dashboards and publishing tools that make managing your site, and publishing new content, quick and easy.

WordPress Website Services

Our Mission: Focus on You and Your WordPress Requirements and Deliver eXceptional Results, Period!

WordPress Installation and Setup

We will get you up and running in no-time! Server set and configuration. Upload new themes with or without demo content. We can do it all, or show you the ropes, or just assist with the heavy stuff.

WordPress Troubleshooting

We will dig in and see what is causing your WordPress website to misbehave. Check those pesky plugins, check Parent/Child theme configuration, and check for corrupted files. We roll up our sleeves and will find the root to the problem and then share our findings with you.

Custom WordPress PlugIns

Modify existing plugins for more usability, or we can create the perfect custom plugin coded from scratch to meet your specific needs.

WordPress Help and Assistance

Over the shoulder guidance, a tip or two to fix a glitch, or some insight as to why something is not quite right. You have WordPress questions, we have some WordPress answers.

WordPress Parent and Child Theme Updates & Mods

 Fixing those sometimes stubborn theme clashes along with their children, oy.

WordPress Security Audits

Has your WordPress site been hacked? Let’s check the core, installed plugins, child themes, and admin security settings. Remove malware and find out who is attacking your site and batten down those internet hatches!

WordPress Database Setup and Configuration

Databases, truly part of our DNA. We can also assist you with WordPress database backups and formulating a strategy for long-term storage and backup retrieval. We can also clean em up too!

WordPress Consulting, Coaching, Training

You looking for some general guidance? What theme is best? What can be modified? Stumped on an issue? We can hold your hand and give you some insight and guidance. Teach a person to fish as “they” say.

WordPress Migrations & Conversions

Let’s move you from that old static HTML site to a shiny new responsive WordPress website. Or move from an old outdated and no longer supported WordPress theme to a more modern one, and keep that legacy content.

WordPress Integration

eCommerce with Woo, or Shipping, Accounting, eXternal POS systems, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, if its got an API we can make it comply or create one on the fly!

WordPress Updates and Upgrades

Updates and upgrades for themes and plugins are “supposed” to normally go off without a hitch, but sometimes…. yeah we are here for you. We will create an offline backup, apply updates and test, then move everything back to the live site once all is AOK and meets with your approval.

WordPress Performance Optimization

We can speed up your WordPress site for faster load times. The big “G” rewards those who do. Sometimes it is a simple plugin, or the fact that you have over 100 outdated ones. Or hidden code that is below the fold.

The eXcelisys WordPress eXperts will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and assistance you seek.

Whether you want a little help, or a lot! Whether you want it, or not!

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