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Custom WordPress Development

We develop industry-leading WordPress websites that support our clients and drive their businesses online.

Our custom WordPress websites are visually engaging, mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines–all while providing our clients with familiar dashboards and publishing tools that make managing their sites and publishing new content quick and easy.


WordPress Development and Customization

WordPress is our go-to website platform for nearly all of our front-end web projects–including this site!

Get Up and Running

We can get most WordPress websites live from initial design, optimized for search engines, tested, and delivered in three weeks.

Responsive Design

Our WordPress websites automatically adjust to look great on any device and screen size. Try resizing this page as an example!

Powerful Ecommerce

We build and design sophisticated ecommerce solutions powered with WordPress that’s wonderfully simple to use and maintain.

Full-Service Expertise

We have expertise in both WordPress development and database management. Whatever you need, Excelisys is the WordPress development company you seek.

“Billboard” Websites Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Modern customers are more sophisticated than ever, and they demand sophisticated, dynamic website functionality

Is your website flexible? Have you ever wished your business website had an easy-to-use blog? Can you sell your products and services on your site? Do you think your website could be doing a better job converting customers or driving sales?

Our WordPress developers can add game-changing features and functionality to your existing site such as powerful ecommerce solutions, membership sites and forums; generate higher-quality leads and customer inquiries with robust WordPress landing pages and contact forms; or integrate your website with the world’s most flexible blogging platform.

Why Choose WordPress?

A successful website should look great and be easy to maintain.

We build full-featured, responsive, search-engine optimized websites with WordPress. WordPress makes updating a website as easy as a Word document.

WordPress will give you the ability to update the various pages of your website such as news items, case studies, FAQs and any other types of content on your website. After launching your custom website, the WordPress platform empowers website owners to easily manage and maintain their own websites.
In addition to the freedom from licensing costs and restrictions, with WordPress, you get full access to the source code. This means that Excelisys developers can customize your site, adding nearly any features or functionality to WordPress, free from the restrictions of proprietary code or incompatible technologies.
Many web development companies provide “in-house content management systems.” These closed-source, proprietary solutions lock website owners in to using a specific company to edit, update and host their website–or to address important security vulnerabilities. WordPress, on the other hand, is a popular, open-source platform that millions of business websites use every day. As a result, millions of developers roll out new plugins, features and security updates every day that website owners can benefit from.
WordPress is constantly being updated and maintained. Developers all over the world are contributing to its continual improvement–all the time. WordPress is already a great platform, and it’s getting even better every day.
As well as a scalable platform for large, sophisticated websites, WordPress is great for piecing together early “proof-of-concept” versions of a website. Startups and small business owners can efficiently curate themes/plugins/functionality to get their businesses up and running quickly, scaling their sites as their businesses grow.
In the event your company grows and needs more server resources, or you decide to upgrade your brand with a new domain name, WordPress allows website owners to easily export their data in a format that is widely used and straightforward. A lack of data portability can prove to be a costly oversight years after your website launches.
WordPress is surprisingly easy to update for security and new functionality. When new versions are available (which are always free by the way), WordPress will give you a notification saying so. This also goes for plugins. When something needs updating on your website, WordPress will let you know and you can easily update everything in a few clicks.
Even right off the shelf, WordPress provides a variety of built-in SEO benefits that help establish a competitive advantage for your company over the thousands of other websites in your niche. The core WordPress platform is thoughtfully built with clean code, and is designed to promote your website content to search engines–automatically.

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